GU Announces New Gel Flavors


GU Energy Labs today announced two new gel flavors to the revamped line-up of their integrated nutrition system of Hydration, Energy and Recovery products.

The new GU Energy Gel flavor is Big Apple, and like all of the newly-formulated gels in the GU lineup, it contains no vitamin C or E, because the consumption of these anti-oxidants can inhibit the body’s natural training adaptations to defend against exercise stressors. Big Apple presents a refreshing tartness and like all newly-formulated gels, is wholly vegan.

Sea Salt Chocolate Roctane Energy Gel is the latest flavor introduced into the company’s ultra-endurance line of Roctane products. Led by Magda Boulet, GU’s Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation and 2008 Olympic marathoner, the product team at GU created Sea Salt Chocolate which, like all Roctane Gels, contains more amino acids than GU Energy Gels -- including beta-alanine, which helps to maintain normal acidity levels within muscles during intense exercise to prevent muscle fatigue.

“The flavors are a home run,” said Boulet. “For those looking for the added performance benefits of beta-alanine, citrates and branched-chain amino acids, Roctane now delivers those in everyone’s favorite flavor profile: Chocolate.”

The new flavors are available immediately at local specialty retailers and on The MSRP for a 24 box of Big Apple GU is $34.80 and $1.45 for a single-serving packet. Sea Salt Chocolate Roctane will retail for $60.00 for a box of 24 and $2.50 per packet.

Like the rest of its entire product line, the new gels are part of GU’s Terracycle™ recycling program. Visit to learn more.

For more information, please email Jenny Radloff or visit GU Energy Labs at


GU is a leading sports nutrition brand founded in Berkeley, CA in 1993. GU’s products help athletes hydrate, energize, and recover optimally before, during, and after demanding endurance activities. Discover the potential of True Performance Nutrition by visiting


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