Grenade "Shock and Awe" Campaign Continues With New Recruits

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West Coast Commander Carrigan Enlists Sales “Commandos” for
Grenade's Assault on Action Sports Industry
PORTLAND, OR—October 17, 2008—Grenade Gloves, the fastest growing name in action sports, is upping the ante in its assault on the industry with a troop surge. Marty Carrigan, Grenade's new West Regional Sales Manager, is already putting his battle plan into action, hiring three new sales rep commandos to carry out the company's takeover of action sports. Jeff 2 Sales will handle Southern California, Las Vegas, and Arizona. LivinTheDream will cover Northern California, and PROjECT Sales Co. will control the Midwest territory.
“Grenade has never been the kind of company that brings a knife to a gun fight,” says Marty Carrigan, Grenade's West Coast Regional Sales Manager. “These sales reps are the heavy artillery to support their retail partners and grow the Grenade brand.”

Jeff Anderson and Jeff Darby joined forces in 1998 to form Jeff 2 Sales, Inc. Both came from action sports backgrounds with the idea that, by combining resources as an agency, they could better service their retailers. Filling out their unit is Tommy Short –a sales rep who started out as a buyer, and packs an extensive background in snowboarding. Jeff 2 Sales currently manages sales for several snowboarding and skate accessory brands, bringing expertise and passion for the sports they represent.

Michael Rosen started LivinTheDream Inc. back in 2001. His team includes sales associates John Lyons and Rob Furtney, both sales veterans with a passion for winter sports and plenty of outdoor action experience. LivinTheDream delivers relentless service along with innovative products and business practices to retailers in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

PROjECT Sales Co. is the sales army of Don Bergeson and Peter Tawfick, specializing in action sporting goods. Bergeson grew up on both skateboarding and snowboarding, working his way up through the industry ranks from shop grom to in-house CS, shop owner, and now sales rep. He and Tawfick bring their passion for riding to selling the brands they represent.

Founded by two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass, Grenade engineers action sports clothing and accessories. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Grenade has expanded its signature glove line to become a world player in action sports gear. From snowboarding to skateboarding, motocross to super cross, the iconic Grenade logo is found on top athletes in nearly every action sport. Grenade combines industry expertise and passion for adventure to create cutting-edge designs that dominate.


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