Granger's Re-launches in USA


May 1, 2015 For immediate release;

Granger’s has re-launched its environmentally friendly footwear and apparel after-care line in the US with new formulations and packaging

Since Granger’s started in 1937 we have always had one goal – to help the technically conscious consumer keep clothing or footwear functioning as well as it did on the day they bought it. 78 years later and we are still at the forefront of developing the most innovative aftercare products on the market.

In 2015 we changed our primary proofing formulation for technical fabrics. Our in house chemists have developed a unique Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment which for the first time offers a fluorocarbon-free formulation that can match the water repellent performance of C6 fluorocarbon. Our Acrylic Polymer Technology, or APT, is a blend of synthetic fluorocarbon-free polymers that provide a highly breathable and water repellent finish, previously only achieved by fluorocarbon based formulations.

To coincide with the launch of APT we have updated the packaging in order to make it easier for the consumer to select the product they are looking for. All of our cleaning products now have a high impact green cap. Our proofers are marked with either an orange cap or product name. Due to consumer demand we will continue to manufacture a single C6 based spray proofer, Xtreme Repel – which is clearly distinctive from the rest of the range with its silver label design.

Consumers now have a complete choice of proofer technologies to choice from without having to sacrifice any performance benefits. Whether that’s Beeswax for leather, APT for technical fabrics or silicone for cotton canvas – Granger’s can supply the best performance products for the demands of consumers worldwide.

Granger’s is looking to add to its roster of dealers in the U.S.

We will also entertain private label production

U.S contact; (248) 761-9905

About Granger’s

Grangers is a UK company that has been developing and manufacturing cleaning and water proofing products at its own facility in the UK for 78 years. Grangers employees 74 people at its two sites in Derbyshire and manufactures in excess of 15 million units of aftercare a year.

What is APT DWR Technology?

APT (Acrylic Polymer Technology) is a Granger’s formulated blend of synthetic fluorocarbon-free polymers developed to provide a highly breathable DWR finish which closely matches the real world water repellency and durability of existing fluorocarbon-based proofers.

APT works in the same way as all DWR finishes in that it is a hydrophobic molecule that when applied to the surface of a fabric reduces the surface tension of water. The result is that water doesn’t “grip” the surface of a garment but beads up and rolls off. A dry surface fabric allows water proof membranes to function as they were designed.

Why the switch in formulation?

Granger’s is a research based developer and manufacturer of chemical treatments. We are constantly experimenting with different formulations looking for performance improvements. In 2007 we decided to no longer produce C8 fluorocarbon, based on the environmental and health implications of PFOS and PFOA. As a result of this we experienced something unusual - although the C6 FC which we moved to was PFOS and PFOA free and delivered good levels of water repellency – it wasn’t as water repellent as the old technology. We’re used to moving forward and that really lit a fire under our developers. While other companies moved to silicone based proofers we never felt these delivered the right balance of breathability vs water repellency. APT is the fruits of those years of research.

Why still produce a C6 Fluorocarbon Spray?

Whilst APT matches C6 FC in terms of water repellency and durability, it can’t deliver oil and stain repellency to the same level. Although not the most critical aspect for most Outdoor enthusiast Granger’s does supply consumers where these are important factors in choosing a DWR treatment. C6 fluorocarbon DWR’s are also still widely used by major Outdoor clothing brands and some consumers wish to apply the same replacement DWR as to that originally applied to the garment.

The Environment

At Granger’s we have always been at the forefront of developing the most environmentally responsible performance products. Granger’s were the first company to develop water based aftercare products and were the first aftercare company to be a bluesign® system partner. Today over 90% of the Granger’s product line are bluesign® products. We now offer bluesign® approved products for clothing, footwear and equipment underlining our continued commitment to minimize environmental impact.

About the bluesign® standard

The bluesign® standard is a widely accepted, reliable and proactive tool certifying the eco-friendliness of the entire textile production chain. Instead of focusing on finished product testing, the bluesign® standard analyses all input streams – from raw materials to chemical component, to resources. Prior to production, components are assessed based on their ecotoxicological impact. Potentially harmful substances can hence be eliminated before production even begins.