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Gotta Have Headwear: Headsweats Models We Love

Since our partnership budded in 2010 as a spectator you would be hard pressed to see an adventure racer in any other headwear brand. We quickly saw similar hats and visors disappear from the race course.

Headsweats was announced as the official headwear of the premiere adventure racing series in the nation, The East Coast Adventure Racing Series and one of the top ranked teams in the world, TeamSOG. Since our partnership budded in 2010 as a spectator you would be hard pressed to see an adventure racer in any other headwear brand. We quickly saw similar hats and visors disappear from the race course as we introduced their Ultra ReflectiveRace Hat and Visor, Super Duty Race Hat, and Supervisor Eventure.

Training to compete as a top level adventure racer often consumes their lives outside of the work place…in a good way. These athletes find themselves waking at the crack of dawn to fit in a 10K before work providing them the perfect conditions to test both the Ultra Reflective Race Hat and Visor. The crossed reflective lines on the Eventure Reflective Fabric found on the sides and brims of the pieces have kept our team safe making their way through downtown Washington DC, Pittsburg PA, and Arlington VA. Wearing the Ultra Reflective Visor while cycling provides an added reflection from the under the side of your helmet ensuring other runner's or cyclist on the trail will take notice of you.

Features we loved about the Ultra Reflective Race hat include the Coolmax mesh fabric shell and terry sweatband lining the inside of your forehead. The lining quickly absorbs and wicks away sweat during runs in any weather condition letting you focus on training instead of your burning eyes or blurred vision. For our female athletes like Kristin Eddy and Julia Pollock the adjustable rear buckle offered them a ponytail hole they could adjust perfectly for both curly and straight hair styles. For the gym rat, taking your hat to treadmill or spinning bike will save you from packing a towel or being that girl/guy with half the paper towel roll shoved in your machine (myself before this hat).

TeamSOG racer Toby Angove fell in love with the Super Duty Race Hat at first run. The Super Duty RaceHat's Coolmax fabric shell kept his head warm during early cool morning runs while wicking away any sweat. The hat also amazing kept him cool during hot training days in July. The increased 2” Coolmax terry sweatband lining the hat kept sweat from his eyes and away from his Switch Eyewear H-wall Swept Back Frames. For marathon running in hi sun light Toby reported he experienced zero sunburn on his head or face while competing proving the black fabric lining under the visor reduced glare on the road.

Last but not least our favorite piece was the Supervisor Eventure. The company did a great job custom printing logo's on all of the pieces, but the Supervisor Eventures really “wow'ed us” with its performance and design. The visors offered racers a classic fit and look for any head or face type. The Coolmax fabric once again wicked away moisture providing us optimum comfort on the course. The super-soft Coolmax terry sweatband created maximum air flow and moisture transfer while the black under visor once again kept glare from our eyes.

Our entire team had no complaints about the hats fit…and we've got all head sizes. The products were all easy to secure and adjust in any race condition. All of the products survived various falls on the trail, washing and drying incidents, and white water exposure while retaining their color and bill shape. We couldn't even complain about their stench after the four day Untamed New England Adventure Race.

Check out the American Adventure Sports Custom Printed Headsweats Line at www.shopadventuresports.comShop Adventure Sports under Headsweats Brand tab. For more information on the product or specific quesitons on models shoot us an email at or give us a call at 724.205.6450.

Suggested Retail: Ultra Reflective Race Hat (MSRP $23), the Ultra Reflective Supervisor (MSRP $23), and the Super Duty Race Hat (MSRP $22), Supervisor Eventure (MSRP $20).
Learn more about Headsweats at:
Twitter: @HeadsweatsCo


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