GORE-TEX® Shipton-Tilman Grant Program Awards $20,000 to Explorers

Gore awards $20,000 to a diverse group of explorers through the GORE-TEX® brand Shipton-Tilman Grant Program. Six teams make up the class of 2010 and help mark the 20th year of this unique program.

W. L. Gore & Associates, inventors of GORE-TEX® fabric, a brand that helps outdoor enthusiasts “Experience More” as they follow their outdoor passion, is once again proud to support global exploration by awarding grants totaling $20,000 through the GORE-TEX® Brand Shipton-Tilman Grant program. The annual program was established by Gore in 1990 as a tribute to the spirit of adventure embodied by legendary explorers Eric Shipton (b. 1907) and Bill Tilman (b. 1897). Now in its 20th year, the program provides funds to be divided among expeditions that are most in harmony with Shipton and Tilman's philosophies.

 Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman are arguably the greatest adventurers of this past century. They believed in traveling in small, compact teams, unburdened by porters and excessive bulk surviving on the bare minimum required to achieve their goal.

 Applications are accepted from small, unencumbered teams of friends with daring and imaginative goals. The expedition team must plan to accomplish their feat in a self-propelled, environmentally sound and cost-effective way.

 “Even after 20 years, we still find inspiring teams pursuing very ambitious goals. This year’s group includes young athletes in their twenties trying to make their mark along with seasoned teams trying to overcome past failures,” said Yvonne Erickson, Gore Fabrics Marketing Leader. “Gore is fascinated by the achievements of the 2010 winners as well as what the next 20 years of the GORE-TEX® Brand Shipton-Tilman Grant program may hold.”

The following six teams receiving grants in 2010:

The Australian Chamlang Grand Traverse, awarded $2,000

Inspired by a small “what if” mention in another climber’s writings, the Aussie team of Theo Kossart and Stuart Morris have set their course for the Nepal Himalaya and the 24,000-foot peak of Chamlang. If successful, they will be the first team to complete the Grand Traverse of this peak which rises just 11 miles from its well known sister, Everest.

British Tahu Ratum Expedition, awarded $4,000

Luke Hunt, Hamish Dunn, and Tom Ripley, all under the age of 22, will attempt the first ascent of the NW ridge of Tahu Ratum in the Hispar Muztagh region of Karakoram.The remote location and technical difficulty of the climb means it has not been attempted until now.The young team has climbed extensively in the UK and European Alps, but this will be their first attempt at a major expedition in Asia.

Full Length Ski Traverse of the Wrangell Mountains, awarded $2,000

The Wrangell Mountains in Alaska include several of North America’s highest peaks. The three-man team of Dylan Taylor, Andrew Wexler and Joe Stock plans to be the first to ski the full length of the Wrangell range covering more than 150 miles. Along the way they will ski over Mount Wrangell (14,163 feet) and attempt to ski Regal Peak (13,845 feet).

Karjiang Untouched, awarded $2,000

At 23,691 feet high, Karjiang is the fourth highest unclimbed mountain in the world. The summit remains untouched by humans. Joe Puryear and David Gottlieb plan to ascend to the peak, climbing in such a way that the mountain will appear untouched even after their climb. This commitment to leaving no visible trace means that no fixed rappel anchors or other lingering evidence will remain to spoil the experience for future climbers. There are only two other recorded attempts at the peak, both resulting in teams turning back.

Gangotri Expedition: First Ascent of Jankuth, awarded $5,000

Climbers Pat Deavoll and Malcolm Bass plan to return to Northern India and attempt to make the first ascent of Jankuth, the 22,326 foot summit that turned them away in 2004. This is the highest unclimbed mountain in this part of India. Both Deavoll and Bass are highly experienced Himalayan climbers. However, the challenge is increased as Deavoll recovers from a broken back suffered in a recent fall.

First Ascents in the Tien Shan: Central Kokshaal-Too Range, Kyrgyzstan, awarded $5,000

The climbing world is just starting to discover the potential in Kyrgyzstan. Once closed to foreign teams, the region is more open and features multiple virgin peaks. The four-person team of Matthew Traver, Steve Beckwith, Chris Parenteau and Mike Royer has identified three unnamed peaks as potential objectives. In addition to the climbing, the team plans to act as international goodwill ambassadors, carrying out volunteer work in Kyrgyzstan before departing for the Central Kokshaal-Too Range.

About the GORE-TEX® Brand Shipton-Tilman Grant Program: Applications are accepted from small, unencumbered teams of friends with daring and imaginative goals. The expedition team must plan to accomplish their feat in a self-propelled, environmentally sound, and cost-effective way.

The application deadline for the grant is March 1 of each year. A panel of independent judges meets annually in March to review all applications and looks for projects that exemplify the Shipton-Tilman philosophy. Teams receive a grant ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

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