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GoLite Footwear's New Trekking Collection

Winter has met its match with GoLite Footwear's new Trekking Collection.

Winter Has Met It's Match With GoLiteFOOTWEAR'S
New TREKKING Collection

NEWMARKET, NH, February 3, 2012 – Winters everywhere are about to get just a bit easier, thanks to GoLite Footwear's plans to bring their groundbreaking trail running technology to a collection of waterproof Trekkers for men and women.

“We know winter,” explains GoLite Footwear CEO Doug Clark. “Here in northern New England, the conditions are as challenging as they get. Trails turn to hard-packed ice, unpredictable mid-winter thaws turn the ice into slush and then everything freezes solid again until spring. Our new boots let people ignore all that and just get out there.”

To be sure, these are no ordinary winter boots. All styles feature GoLite Footwear's zero drop outsole, where the sole is the same thickness from heel to toe. “This promotes a natural midfoot strike,” explains GoLite Footwear President Scott Briggs. “The sole on trekking boots is traditionally thicker at the heel and thinner at the toe, which causes the heel to strike the ground first. This constant pounding against the ground is transferred to the body. We brought our trail running engineering to the trekking boot, greatly reducing the shock from each step.”

When it comes to traction, GoLite Footwear knows what works. “We put literally hundreds of tiny lugs on our Gecko outsole,” says Clark. “Every edge bites into the ice and snow for exceptional traction. And because there are bound to be rocks and roots under the snow, we leveraged our Rock Absorber technology that puts the soft part of the sole against the ground where it gives to the terrain. This means better traction—and also better stability.”

Of course, warmth is the other challenge when taking on the outdoors in frigid temperatures. For this, the GoLite Footwear team has responded with luxuriously thick genuine shearling for the collection. “It'll keep you warm, and wick away moisture as you go,” says Briggs. “When you combine our seam-sealed waterproof technologies to keep the snow out and the wicking technologies to keep the moisture away, you end up with dry, comfortable feet—no matter what nature puts in your path.”

GoLite Footwear and the new Trekking collection featuring the Trac Lite for men and Snow Lite for women can be found at premium outdoor specialty stores across the country and prominent online retailers.

About GoLite Footwear
GoLite Footwear designs innovative shoes for trail running and outdoor pursuits where the terrain is uneven, the conditions are unforgiving and the reward is knowing just how far you can push yourself. Their patented technologies improve traction, stability and cushioning while promoting the body's innate ability to sense and adapt to its environment. Online at golite-footwear.com.


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