GoLite Footwear Introduces BareTech Technology for Fall 2010

GoLite Footwear introduces BareTech technology: bringing the neutral last to the trail

It is GoLite Footwear ongoing quest to identify and study the real problems of Class 1 athletes, and then develop solutions that exceed their expectations. To this end, GoLite Footwear introduces BareTech Technology for Fall 2010.

BareTech works with the natural human gait, instead of trying to change it, complimenting the natural mechanics of the human foot while providing practical protection and superior stability.

Engineered to compliment the motion of walking barefoot, but with functional protection and stability control, the BareTech concept is based on disrupting and fundamentally changing several established practices in the footwear industry: Heel lift, heel flare, and midsole construction.

BareTech combines GoLite Footwear’s patent-pending Soft Against the Ground Technology with a completely neutral last (no heel lift whatsoever), so that the heel is on the same plane as the metatarsals, as nature intended. The aggressively contoured design of the last spreads pressure evenly across the bottom of the foot, eliminating the need for fat midsoles. The undercut heel delays footstrike, reducing “foot flap” and instability. PreciseFit insoles fit almost any width foot, right out of the box and the roomy toe box makes for the perfect combination of natural movement and protection.

The new EVA Paw Pad™sole incorporates larger, flatter lugs, and utilizes a wedge shaped leading edge on the heel lugs to assist in braking, and the same configuration on the trailing edges of the forefoot lugs, to aid in propulsion.

Complete BareTech Features:

• Completely neutral last

• No heel lift

• Anatomically contoured insole distributes pressure

• Undercut heel

• Wedge shape of lugs assist in braking and propulsion

• Anatomically correct last reflects foot shape

• Asymmetrical, anatomically correct upper

• Roomy toe box for metatarsals

• Soft Against the Ground Technology for comfort, stability and shock attenuation

• EVA Paw Pad™ soles reduce weight, increase durability and provide engineered traction

• TPE cages provide lightweight support, structure and protection

• PreciseFit™ footbeds that instantly adjust to fit the volume and width of each foot

BareTech is featured throughout the Fall 2010 line, from the new Class 1 Trail Runners to Fastpacking, to Multi-Purpose to Travel, as everyone can benefit from a more natural stride and less weight on their feet.

About GoLite Footwear

GoLite Footwear designs and manufactures "improbably light" shoes, especially for people who live to be in the outdoors. GoLite's "Soft against the Ground" suspension system effectively turns the traditional shoe upside down to provide greater stability and traction while enhancing overall protection and performance; reducing movement by 33% on the trail. GoLite delivers a complete line of off road adventure shoes including trail runners, light hikers, technical travel shoes and rejuvenators. For information on the full line of GoLite footwear, please log onto www.golite-footwear.com or contact Alli Noland, Terra Public Relations, 307-733-8777 or alli@terrapublicrelations.com