GoLite Footwear Amps Up the Mullet with a Fresh Cut

Outdoor enthusiasts will never again be forced to choose between the lightweight agility of a running shoe and the protective stability of a hiking shoe.

GoLite Footwear Amps Up the Mullet with a Fresh Cut

Newmarket, NH, July 9, 2012 – Outdoor enthusiasts will never again be forced to choose between the lightweight agility of a running shoe and the protective stability of a hiking shoe, with the introduction of GoLite Footwear's trailblazing Lime Lite XT. Engineered to adapt to variable terrains, conditions and inclines at any speed, it gives consumers everything they need on the trail—whatever the activity.

“Whether you're hiking or running, the terrain is always changing and not every step is the same,” explains GoLite Footwear CEO Doug Clark. “Wearing a shoe that's designed for only one thing—even if you're just going on a short hike—means compromise. We took a good look at the biomechanical needs required to adapt to ascents, descents, rocks and roots and engineered an entirely new type of outdoor shoe that does it all without compromising anything.”

“When you look at it coming at you, it's a hiker and when you look it from the back, it's a trail runner,” says GoLite Footwear President Scott Briggs. “It's like a mullet—two things at once.”

The company's designers took a unique approach to the challenge, examining the benefits first. “We didn't start by inventing a technology—we started by knowing what results we wanted,” says Briggs. “We knew we wanted to end up with a shoe unlike any other—it had to move fast over extremely varied terrain, but it also had to promote a natural gate, provide protection, be durable enough for rough conditions and be incredibly agile.”

A breakthrough in footwear design, the Lime Lite XT fuses the best features of a running shoe--—including lightweight, flexibility, shock attenuation and ultra-breathable materials—with the best of hiking/approach shoe features—like a substantial toe bumper, asymmetrical rubber rand and lace-to-toe lacing.

GoLite Footwear's proven trail technologies perform together seamlessly in the XT:

Rock Absorber™ Technology—Puts the soft part of the sole against the ground, where it gives to the terrain and provides 30% more stability than conventional construction

Zero Impact™ Platform—2mm ramp and neutral last to promote a natural gait, keeping the Achilles in a neutral position—neither stretched nor shortened

Gecko 270™ Construction—270 degrees of flexibility from outsole through midsole provides foot articulation and superior feedback for agility and stability

Gripstick™ Rubber—Hundreds of tiny lugs increase surface contact and friction on wet rocks and rough terrain

“It's all about versatility,” concludes Clark. “The Lime Lite XT proves that you can have it all and compromise nothing. It'll keep up with your fastest trail runs while giving you all the protection you need for hiking the roughest stuff out there.”

GoLite Footwear and the new Outdoor Cross Training collection featuring the Lime Lite XT can be found at premium outdoor specialty stores and online retailers.

About GoLite Footwear
GoLite Footwear designs innovative shoes for all your outdoor pursuits, where the terrain is uneven, the conditions are unforgiving and the reward is just knowing that you can do it. Their patented technologies improve traction, stability and cushioning while promoting the body's innate ability to sense and adapt to its environment. Online at golite-footwear.com.


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