Gibbon Slacklines bring hours of entertainment wherever they go

Quick to set up and easy to learn, Gibbon Slacklines are an incredibly fun way to increase balance, build muscle and stay active outdoors

HUNTINGTON, VT. (For Immediate Release) – Slacklining… once the domain of a few enthusiasts blessed with extraordinary balance and abundant free time to hone their skills, this fun and active pastime is now accessible to anyone thanks to Gibbon Slacklines and their proprietary new slackline system.

Consisting of two pieces of webbing and a ratcheting tensioner, the Gibbon Slackline system differs from traditional slacklines in several key ways. Gibbon Slacklines set up easily in minutes, are 50mm wide, (twice as wide as traditional slacklines), and can be slung at any height, including low to the ground for beginners… all resulting in a zero intimidation factor.

“The beauty of Gibbon Slacklines is that they provide the perfect mix of fun, focus, balance, and strength training,” said Gary Richter, Chief Gibbon Officer of North America. “We have set up our lines all over the world and the result is always the same. A crowd forms and just about everyone gives it a try. We constantly hear about how addictive and fun this activity is.”

Available in 15 and 25-meter lengths, Gibbon Slacklines easily accommodate any environment. A high-tension ratcheting system allows the slackline to be set up anywhere from inches to feet off the ground and gives plenty of spring for learning tricks. Set up two or more slacklines and add diversity to your play.

While fun is the main objective, Gibbon Slacklines have found fans in a wide variety of different places. A great way to increase balance, athletes from any sport can benefit from the balance-enhancement provided by time spent on the slackline. Even physical therapists have utilized the benefits of the Gibbon Slackline to help patients recover from ACL surgery.

Versatile, accessible, and never intimidating, Gibbon Slacklines encourage participation and have created a community of dedicated and recreational slackline users. For photos, videos, tips and tricks, visit for a closer look at this fun and active pastime.

Gibbon Slacklines will be available in time for the holidays and retail for $79.99 and $99.99 for the 15 and 25-meter lengths. Please visit to find a dealer near you.

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Gibbon Slacklines have gained popularity around the world. Used and enjoyed by everyone including kids, adults, physical therapists, and athletes of all levels, Gibbon Slacklines are a fun and accessible way to increase balance, build muscle, and rehabilitate injuries. Having undergone some of the most rigorous testing, Gibbon Slacklines are TUV certified, and comply with the strictest European performance standards. For media queries, please contact Scott Kaier at or call 802.583.6070.