George Hincapie to Wear XtremeSportsID™ in Upcoming Tour de France

Potentially Life-Saving Safety Essential to Be Worn by Top Cyclist

Lahaina, HI – (June 23rd, 2009) Legendary cyclist and XtremeSportsID™ team athlete George Hincapie will
compete in the 96th Annual Tour de France next month, marking his 14th year on the race. The grueling 21 stage race covers 3,500 kilometers and begins on Saturday July, 4th in Monaco, France. Hincapie will be sporting an XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ wristband, a new safety essential with life-saving potential.

The XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ band is a lightweight, weatherproof, durable wristband stamped with the medical alert symbol, a unique 8-digit code, and a toll free number that immediately connects the caller with the wearer's vital information.

The toll-free number stamped on every XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ band connects to a user-friendly interactive service that reports wearer identification, emergency contact info, and essential data including medical alerts, allergies, primary physician contact, insurance provider, and more. In an emergency, first responders, who are trained to check for medical alert bracelets, can call the toll-free number, enter the unique 8-digit code, and hear a read-out of the wearer's submitted info. Wearers register vital information on the XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ website, where the data is stored on a secure server, accessible 24 hours a day.

George Hincapie is a veteran cyclist with more than 20 years competing on the professional circuit. His resume touts 13 Tour de France finishes, including eight Tour team wins. He has also competed in five separate Olympic Games and is a two-time US Professional Champion. Hincapie joined the XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ team at the end of 2008.

In addition to his competitive pursuits, Hincapie is an advocate of bicycle-safety. Regarding his recent partnership with XtremeSportsID™ Hincapie explains “I've been in enough situations to understand the value of having my emergency contact and medical information immediately available. In an emergency,
time matters. I wear my XtremeSportsID™ for the same reason I wear my helmet.”

Although XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ launched the wristband with athletes in mind; they are finding that the band is also appealing to a broad market of consumers as a simple personal safety solution. The wristband is being embraced by hikers, surfers, runners, the elderly and individuals with health-conditions, and even children
heading off to summer camp.

Where Am I?
XtremeSportsID™ features a “Where Am I?” function, allowing wearers to log in and enter their planned activity, location and duration, such as “heading out for pedal up Left Hand Canyon, expect to be home by 6PM.” Updating the Where Am I? feature will alert the wearer's designated contacts of their plans, for added

XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ bands can be purchased for $8 USD nationwide or online at, and include the first year subscription to the emergency information service. Each year thereafter is an affordable $5 USD renewal fee.

About XtremeSportsIDâ„¢
Based in Lahaina, Hawaii, on the island of Maui, XtremeSportsIDâ„¢ was founded by two businessmen, both avid surfers. When founding partner Bryan Console was pinned beneath a big wave and dragged nearly 100 yards while on vacation, the scare left him realizing how often people head out alone, without emergency contact information and without leaving an itinerary. In sharing this experience with Bradley Carter, a good idea was put into motion, bringing an accessible, affordable piece of safety equipment to just about anyone. For more information, visit