GeoJotter Brings Facebook to Life as a Rich Interactive Experience

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Over 1 billion people who micro-blog on Facebook worldwide are without an effective way to tell compelling stories. GeoJotter is getting ready to change all that.


AUSTIN, TX – June 19, 2014:

Interactive developer Xpletive is creating a new application that lets Facebook users effortlessly share their travel and outdoor adventures through an immersive interface that tells an engaging story. Due to begin widespread beta testing in November 2014, it is expected to fundamentally change the way Facebook users keep their followers updated while they are on the go.

With over 16 years’ experience designing user interfaces and a low tolerance for using applications that aren’t suited for the task, David Ellzey, the Creative Director for Xpletive, wasn’t happy about his current options for online journaling; “Like many people, my network of family and friends are all on Facebook but it’s a terrible format for chronicling any kind of journey. Really, I can’t imagine that Facebook ever intended it to be used for that.” This led him on a personal quest to design a better solution.

What happened next could be described as one of those rare times where a designer moves all the seemingly ordinary parts around to create something extraordinary. A myriad of small improvements were made to simplify the process of actually making a mobile update (known in the application as a Jot) but the real magic is revealed in how people are able to experience photos and video as a rich interactive experience that tells an engaging story. Luckily they have a prototype online with several sample Adventures that anyone can test at which is much more tangible than a verbal description.

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