Full Line Of Bryton Devices Now Bluetooth-Capable Through New App


Cycling GPS computer company, Bryton Sport, updated its Bryton App to make all devices Bluetooth capable, including the Rider 310 and Rider 100. Rider 310 and Rider 100 users can now use the Bryton App, available for iOS and Android, to auto upload their data to the App and auto sync their rides to popular training sites, such as Strava.

Previously these features were reserved for top-tier cycling GPS devices, such as the Rider 530 and Rider 330, when the Bryton App was launched in May 2016. And as of August 15, 2016, all Bryton Sport users have the same Bluetooth support through the software updates for the Rider 100 and Rider 310 devices.

“Many cycling GPS computer companies prefer to keep these premier functions to their halo products,” said Isaac Wu, Global Marketing Manager of Bryton Sport. “However, we’re firm believers that if we have the ability to improve a device or function for no cost to a user, we will deliver that benefit to them. We want riders to enjoy tracking their ride without paying an arm and a leg for it.”

Updating a Bryton Rider 310 or Rider 100 device is simple. The user downloads the free mobile Bryton App in their app store, enters the device's unique identification code found on the back of the device and the device will pair and sync all previous data to the app. This allows the user to view all riding history in depth on the Bryton App and training sites.

For a deeper briefing on how to pair the Rider 310 and Rider 100 to the Bryton App for Bluetooth support, please view this “How To Upload Activities Using Bluetooth for Rider 100/310” video from Bryton Sport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOgGi_2YIf8

For additional details or to set up a personal visit to the Bryton Sport booth at Interbike, please contact Kelsey Anderson at Kelsey@OutsidePR.com


ABOUT Bryton

Bryton, founded in 2009, is leading the way for GPS Sport computers in Asia, Europe and now North America. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company primarily serves cyclists, runners, triathletes and outdoor adventures through the use of cycling computers and advanced electronics.


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