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Foundation Strives to Combat Cancer with Fitness

Cancer Foundation for Life promotes fitness and rehabiliation for as part of cancer management

Foundation Strives to Combat Cancer with Fitness

STAFFORD, TEXAS (6/14/07) Cancer Foundation For Life has set out to prove that fitness and rehabilitation during and after cancer treatment is the future of cancer management and brings hope and a better quality of life to the patients. Cancer Foundation For Life (CFFL) was founded in 2001 by retired oncologist, Gary Kimmel M.D. in Tyler, Texas. CFFL's goal is to provide individualized physical conditioning and psychological support to cancer patients from the initial diagnosis, throughout treatment, recovery and ultimately remission.

CFFL uses both aerobic and muscular conditioning to tailor exercises to each individual's physical capabilities. Utilizing treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and recumbent bikes, patients are instructed on stretching, flexibility, nutritional training and lifestyle information as a part of the program which is referred to as FitSTEPS.

Quantum Fitness Corporation, a producer of residential and commercial fitness equipment, recently joined CFFL in the fight against cancer and has designed equipment specifically for the Foundation's program. Equipment includes the Quantum Q 2.5 CRW Treadmill with a shortened walking surface, easy access from a wheel chair, simplified electronics for easier user interface along with a trainer access to the electronics for individual program formatting, as well as safety features such as long side rails, a low step up height and 22” wide walking belt which allows the patient more room to drift side to side. The Quantum 210C Elliptical Strider has low step up height and handrails for easier patient use and safety. The Quantum Seated Safety Squat, with adjustable seat posts, was designed for the FitSTEPS program to strengthen upper extremity, lower extremity and core muscle groups

FitSTEPS is implemented in the home, hospital and affiliated community centers in Tyler. The hospital's conditioning facility is located in the Oncology Unit at Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler for patient's maximum utilization. Patients are trained by qualified individuals whose sole responsibility is to implement and administer the program. FitSTEPS exercise components provide flexibility in addressing any individual's level of fitness or coexisting diseases.

Traditional cancer management provides diagnosis, treatment and hospice care, but there are currently no routine rehabilitation programs for cancer patients. CFFL wants to bring hope, purpose and meaning to the lives of cancer victims. A recent participant of the program states, “Rehabilitation through exercise is the future of cancer care and the answer to ensuring quality of life for cancer patients.”

Research is being conducted through CFFL along with the University of Texas at Tyler, College of Nursing and Health Sciences and also at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Studies are in progress to evaluate the impact of FitSTEPS on physical and psychological performance, quality of life and health care costs. Cancer Foundation for Life's goal is to influence healthcare provider's routine policy of cancer care.

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