Former Bobsleigh Canada Member Rolling Into Business

Adam Wood had no idea that his original ‘Travel Roller’ would turn into an international revolution within the fitness industry.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calgary, AB – Adam Wood began with a simple idea – create a comfortable product that would help people benefit from roll release therapy. He had no idea that in a few years his original ‘Travel Roller' would turn into an international revolution within the fitness industry.

When Adam was a member of the Canadian bobsleigh team, he rolled on a piece of ABS pipe to help regenerate and massage his muscles after hard workouts. His wife at the time was a fitness model and used a foam roller for the exact same purpose but wasn't getting the full benefits of roll release therapy due to the softness of the material. He handed her the PBC pipe asking her to give it a try. After rolling on it for a few seconds she said, “This is way too hard. Why don't you wrap a piece of foam around the pipe to make it more comfortable?” From that point on, Adam knew they had just stumbled upon an idea that would change how people performed self-therapy.

“At the time, everyone was either rolling on a piece of hard PBC pipe or a soft foam roller. Since I had a background in kinesiology, I could see that both had benefits but neither one seemed truly efficient. So I decided to take the positives from both products and create what I believed was the best of both worlds.”

After presenting the Travel Roller to Calgary based fitness leader Fitterfirst International, President Louis Stack couldn't believe that Adam had hand-built this product in his garage.

“When I first saw the Travel Roller, I automatically knew that Adam had created a winner. There were a few tweaks that needed to be done, but I was fully on board with helping Adam fine-tune his product and get it into the market.”

Since the initial meeting with Fitterfirst, Adam has made some adjustments and has been able to take his product international. His design has sent shockwaves throughout the fitness industry.

Some of Adam's clients now include: the Canadian Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge teams, Canadian Women's Hockey team, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburg Penguins, Fitness Depot, Fitness Town and SportChek. In addition to some big name clients, Adam has also been invited to showcase his product on the hit television show ‘Dragons Den' this coming spring.

“Everything is really starting to ‘roll' now” jokes Adam. “I could have never guessed that my passion for sport and rehabilitation therapy would take me this far.”

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