Footbed company SOLE has officially partnered with JSC Inc and Midcoast Outdoors

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SOLE announces partnerships with two new sales agencies

Vancouver, Canada - July 18, 2017

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SOLE has just announced their partnerships with Andy Shapin and the JSC Inc sales agency to cover sales in the Midwest and Great Lakes territories and Michael Felix and the Midcoast Outdoors sales agency to cover sales in the South Central territory.

SOLE's Director of US Sales, Zachary Osness, believes these partnerships are an ideal match. "The Midcoast Outdoors and JSC Inc teams are like-minded with SOLE in being committed to the outdoor lifestyle, stewardship of our environment, dedication to service of our dealers, and commitment to bringing industry changing products to market," he said. "The combined industry experience, knowledge, and dedication to customer service that these teams bring will be invaluable to SOLE’s expansion in and service of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and South Central territories."

JSC Inc represents KUHL Clothing, among other quality outdoor brands, and Midcoast Outdoors represents Klean Kanteen, Royal Robbins and Point 6.

Osness predicts these new partnerships will bring great things. "These key territories are in good hands as SOLE is poised to rapidly expand our distribution and product offerings," he said.

SOLE's expanded product offerings include their multiple collections of customizable footbeds made using 100% recycled natural cork. Natural cork is an environmentally responsible material choice and ideal for use in footbeds as it is naturally moisture-wicking, odor-reducing and has an elasticity that absorbs shock and allows it to mold to the wearer's feet for a custom fit.

The use of recycled cork in footbeds is a completely original and environmentally friendly invention by SOLE. The cork used is recycled by ReCORK™, North America's largest wine cork recycling initiative, which was adopted by SOLE in 2008.

Repurposing natural wine corks into footwear removes it from the waste stream while creating a natural material that replaces environmentally harmful ones otherwise used in footwear production.

To learn more about SOLE and ReCORK, visit and



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