Footbalance Teams with Industry Heavyweight to Ramp Up Sales in Canada

Bélanger-Gagnon Marketing Identifies Footbalance’s Innovation as a Key Weapon for Specialty Retailers

San Diego, CA – Footbalance, an innovator in custom footbed technology, is proud to announce a partnership with BGM (Bélanger-Gagnon Marketing). BGM is one of the leading sports and footwear sales agency in the Canadian province of Quebec, and is led by industry veteran Louis Bélanger. As an independent sales agent, Bélanger has 19 years of experience representing innovative footwear products in the Outdoor, Running, Snowsports, and Brown Shoe categories and ten years as a sales rep for Kaufman Footwear. BGM's team consists of Director of Operations Annie Gagnon and Associate Sales Representatives Fred Dorval, Benoit Gullemette, and Patrick Billette, who work with more than 300 retailers.

''I'm always curious about innovative new products and found Footbalance to be the best approach to bring custom molded footbeds to retailers,” says Bélanger-Gagnon Marketing CEO, Louis Bélanger. “In today's world of internet sales and fierce competition, Footbalance represents a new way for the specialty retailer to bring more consumers to their locations while elevating themselves in the retail jungle. It allows them to provide a custom, personalized comfort to the demanding young athlete of most sports as well as to the person wanting to keep active and feel good in casual and dress shoes. You can't be an ordinary retailer anymore.''

Bélanger-Gagnon will begin working with Footbalance at the upcoming Running Event trade show in Austin, Texas. BGM will sell to specialty retail shops that will mold the footbeds in fewer than ten minutes and use the Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) software to provide a free overview of individual foot mechanics.

With its North American Headquarters in San Diego, California, Footbalance was developed by a Finnish physiotherapist specializing in podiatric medicine. The system enables the rapid production of fully customized footbeds at retail stores in less than ten minutes. Available for fittings at shops and special events across the US and Canada, Footbalance footbeds support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot function, improving overall body alignment.