FlameStower launches its second USB charger for Spring 2015.


(San Francisco, CA) August 5, 2014 — In Spring 2015, FlameStower will follow up on its successful launch of the FireCharger with the Lantern Charger, a dedicated charger for USB-enabled devices that uses a chafing fuel canister (Sterno® canister) as an energy source. Immediate power available at any time, the device will charge two phones with one fuel canister as well as provide candlelight. The FlameStower Lantern Charger allows you to be ready any time a charge and candle light are needed - in an emergency situation or at camp. Several patents have been filed to cover the design and technology in the Lantern Charger. The Lantern Charger will be available in March 2015.

About FlameStower, Inc:

FlameStower is an energy product design and manufacturing company that has developed personal, portable energy products. Founded by StanfordEngineering students Andrew Byrnes and Adam Kell, FlameStower launched its first product the FireCharger in Spring 2014.

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