FITS Socks Participates in Backpacker's “Adventures Denver”

FITS Socks will participate in the inaugural Adventures Denver next weekend at Sloan’s Lake. Backpacker Magazine and Denver Parks and Recreation bringing the ultimate in outdoor adventure to Denver.
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FITS Socks Participates in Backpacker Magazine

“Adventures Denver” Event

A celebration of Outdoor adventure and healthy living at Sloan’s

Lake Park, Denver Colo.

NIOTA, Tenn., September 4, 2012 – FITS Socks will participate in the inaugural Adventures Denver event next weekend at Sloan’s Lake. Backpacker Magazine and Denver Parks and Recreation in partnership with The North Face, REI and VIVA Colorado are bringing the ultimate in outdoor adventure to Denver. Taking place on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, this free festival will showcase the accessibility of participating in outdoor activities and living a healthy Colorado lifestyle.

ComingSunday September 9th 2012

FREE day-long interactive festival to showcase rock climbing walls, stand-up paddle boarding

 Kayaking, and a mountain bike course, and outdoor activities for families in and around the city of Denver.

FITS Sock Co, a sock company avid about the outdoors and getting people active, is very excited to participate in this event. There will be a booth where the socks will be sold to benefit the National Park Foundation. Additionally, Fits will be hosting a sock design contest with prize packs for winners of best design.

Known for their three point system FITSwill feature its’ outdoor active collections with exclusive Full Contact FitTM, delivering a perfect fit every time. The Dynamic Toe Cup™, with “cross stretch” so there is no excess material or bunching in the toe, combined with the Heel Lock™ which is an extra deep heel pocket and the Full Contact Cuff™, which means a tighter ankle and looser calf, so the sock naturally stays up on your leg; these three elements ensure a perfect fit every time. FITS will share with Denver enthusiasts this new revolution in Fit.

“Adventures Denver brings Backpacker’s tagline--‘The Outdoors at Your Doorstep’--to life in an exciting new way on September 9,” says Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Dorn. “By turning Denver’s Sloan’s Lake Park into an accessible backcountry playground, we’ll make fun activities like camping, stand-up paddle boarding and rock climbing easy for Denver families to explore. Along with our partners, The North Face and REI, Backpacker magazine will present interactive demonstrations about life in the great outdoors, from how to live a healthier lifestyle to finding and preparing for your first adventure on a trail near Denver.”

The free, open-to-the-public event will take place on Sunday, September 9 from noon to 4 p.m., transforming Sloan’s Lake Park (1700 N. Sheridan Blvd) into an outdoor playground offering families of Denver the opportunity to experience an action-packed day of interactive events, games, shows, and outdoor gear showcases. Activities will take place in the northeast corner of the park along Byron Place road and will include rock-climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, a mountain bike course, trampoline stunt shows, fitness clinics, food truck vendors and more!


About FITS Socks Co.

Made in the USA

Our FIT is what makes us different, designed by your foot for your foot. FIT is the feel, with super-fine 18.5 micron Merino Wool, we achieve the perfect fitting sock by using FITS’ unique Full Contact Fit TM. Full Contact Fit TM is The Dynamic Toe CupTM – from the top of the toes to under the ball of the foot, the Dynamic Toe Cup conforms to the entire area completely leaving no excess material and no seams to interfere with comfort or performance. The Heel LockTM is a unique heal pocket, the sock has a ‘deep’ anatomically correct heel pocket that anchors the sock in place preventing movement down onto the foot. The Full Contact CuffTM – holds the sock up onto the lower leg; it accomplishes this with enough surface area along with a trapezoidal shape to match the shape of the leg, with the right amount of compression and stretch to allow it stay in place on the leg while the foot is in motion. These three critical elements translate to better performance for an athlete, pro or participant. With the right size, socks won’t chaffe or rub. FITS also come in five size groups to make certain your FIT is the right one.

FITS Communications Contact: Beth Cochran, or 406.579.7909

Adventures Denver/Backpacker Communications Contact: Andrea Neukom, Marketing Director of Backpacker, 303.625.1615 or