FITS Socks Biannual Benefit for the OIWC

FITS Socks Biannual Benefit for the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition. Join FITS for coffee, a chocolate fountain and launch of the New FITS women’s collection at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, Day 2, August 3, from 4-6 p.m

FITS Socks Biannual Benefit for the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition

Join FITS for coffee, a chocolate fountain and launch of the New FITS women’s collection at

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, Day 2, August 3, from 4-6 p.m.

Summer Outdoor Retailer-Booth # BR701

NIOTA, Tenn., July 12th, 2012 – Proud to continue their biannual Outdoor Retailer show benefit supporting the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), FITS Socks Co. will celebrate the launch of their new women’s performance casual collection, with a donation to OIWC and a flowing chocolate fountain at Outdoor Retailer booth #BR701 from 4-6 p.m. August 3, Day two of the show.

Show attendees are invited to enjoy the decadent chocolate fountain, coffee, an informative clinic on the new socks and discounted premier women’s FITS socks, with Full Contact Fit TM. One hundred percent of the event sock sale proceeds will be donated to OIWC.

The event will feature FITS new women’s casual sock line with exclusive Full Contact FitTM, delivering a perfect fit every time. The Dynamic Toe Cup™, with “cross stretch” so there is no excess material or bunching in the toe, combined with the Heel Lock™ which is an extra deep heel pocket and the Full Contact Cuff™, which means a tighter ankle and looser calf, so the sock naturally stays up on your leg; these three elements ensure a perfect fit every time.

NEW Women’s Ultra Light Casual Crews – Native Stripe Ember (shown), Vintage Stripe and Wide Stripe in a multitude of colors!

The New women’s casual stripe collection is fun and fashion that is completely performance driven. FITS are soft and very close to the skin, with nothing but protection all day, to stop chaffing, hot spots and blisters. Full Contact FitTM ensures that the merino wool is in perfect contact with your foot and leg – resulting in noticeable circulation improvement, all-day comfort, and a great option for all shoe and boot types.

“This is the first time FITS Socks Co. has offered a full line of non-cushioned women’s products. This means more performance options for the retailer and consumer for all boots and shoe requirements.”Luke Eldridge, Sales Manager, at FITS Sock Co.

Light Runner – In four new colors and total of 10 great options in stripes, flowers, and accent toe and heel.

Very close to the skin with nothing but protection between you and your running shoes to stop chaffing, hot spots and blisters. A perfect match for minimalist endeavors, with signature Full Contact FitTM.

- Light Flat knit design for zero bulk and maximum contact with the shoe

- Vented top of foot for maximum breathability and excellent moisture management

- No show height

FITS manufactures their socks in the oldest operating hosiery mill in the U.S., going back to 1902, giving FITS a strong and storied company history, technical expertise and long-held knowledge of fit and comfort. The family-owned company has always been committed to its vision and protecting the jobs of their 160 employees.

Please come see the new collections at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 2-5, 2012 Booth # BR701

About FITS Socks Co.

Made in the USA

Our FIT is what makes us different, designed by your foot for your foot. FIT is the feel, with super-fine Merino Wool, we achieve the perfect fitting sock by using FITS’ unique Full Contact Fit TM. Full Contact Fit TM is The Dynamic Toe CupTM – from the top of the toes to under the ball of the foot, the Dynamic Toe Cup conforms to the entire area completely leaving no excess material and no seams to interfere with comfort or performance. The Heel LockTM is a unique heal pocket, the sock has a ‘deep’ anatomically correct heel pocket that anchors the sock in place preventing movement down onto the foot. The Full Contact CuffTM – holds the sock up onto the lower leg; it accomplishes this with enough surface area along with a trapezoidal shape to match the shape of the leg, with the right amount of compression and stretch to allow it stay in place on the leg while the foot is in motion. These three critical elements translate to better performance for an athlete, pro or participant. With the right size, socks won’t chafe or rub. FITS also comes in five size groups to make certain your FIT is the right one.

Made in the USA

Communications Contact:Beth Cochran, or 406.579.7909