Fishpond Launches the Troubled Waters Campaign to Speak Out Against Shark Tournaments

fishpond launches Troubled Waters Campaign aimed to protect vital environmental resources

(Silverthorne, Colo.) – Fishpond, inc., creators of high quality fly-fishing products, announce the launch of the Troubled Waters Campaign, joining the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to speak out against shark tournaments. Both initiatives stem from a strong belief in conserving and protecting water resources and the ecosystems within them.

“While shark populations are dwindling, coastal communities support events that encourage sport fisherman to catch and kill the biggest shark and bring it back for prize money,” says fishpond co-founder, John Le Coq. “As sportsmen we cannot support this activity. We instead support an end to these tournaments or at the very least enforcement of catch and release regulations in order to sustain shark populations while teaching environmental responsibility.”

Fishpond and the HSUS will send informational letters and ProtectSharks Campaign company pledges to sponsors of tournaments, companies and leaders within the fishing and outdoor industries. More information can be found on both the Fishpond and HSUS websites.

“Both campaigns aim to protect the resources that our industry relies on. The Troubled Waters Campaign can be used in the future to garner support for other environmental causes that fishpond endorses,” comments Le Coq. “The more companies and individuals that sign on to support these campaigns the greater the strength of our conviction.”

About fishpond:

Fishpond is a worldwide brand of products designed and manufactured for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. Fishpond was created with the philosophy that innovation, design and a responsibility towards the environment from which we draw our inspiration is critical to our success.

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