First Annual Scott Trailapalooza 24 Hour Trail Running Festival


American Adventure Sports is excited to announce its first annual Scott Trailapalooza 24 hour trail running festival which will take place October 26-28th, 2012 at Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Pennsylvania. Trailapalooza promises to deliver an experience unlike any typical racing even you've ever been to. Get your family and friends together and come out and join us for a fun-filled weekend running and partying under the autumn full moon in your best Halloween costumes!

How does the race work?

Unisex or coed teams of 1-4 people will compete against each other to complete laps of varying lengths in order to accumulate as many points as possible over the 24 hour period. Don't think you can handle a whole 24 hours? There are 3 classes in which you can run: 6 hour Noob level, 12 hour Boss level, and 24 hour Ultimate level. The trails on the course are also broken down into 3 levels: 5k lap worth 100 points, 15k lap worth 300 points, and 20k lap worth 400 points. It will be up to your team to devise a strategy to gain max points within your time limit. The winners will be the team with the most points, and if there is a tie, it will be the team who finished the laps faster.

What is there to do while not running?

The Scott Trailapalooza is not just a race; it is a full-on festival complete with food, beverages, vendors, games, music and contests. There will be activities such as a pumpkin pie eating contest, a howl at the moon contest, a pumpkin carving contest, and most importantly best costume! We highly encourage you to come fully decked out in your most ridiculous costumes either as a solo or as a whole group. Our staff will be keeping an eye out for the best of the best, so come prepared. This isn't all – there will be many other opportunities to win prizes. Also, be sure to book a room at the Hidden Valley Resort, so you can stay the weekend and enjoy all the great activities that Trailapalooza has to offer.

Where to register?

You can register for this event at or . The registration fee varies based on which time class you want to race in. The registration fee is also reduced for those who sign up early! Registration also includes a complimentary beer (for those of drinking age) and an official Scott Trailapalooza t-shirt. Links to these sites are available on the festival website at

The Scott Trailapalooza offers a unique getaway and running event for people of all ages. It's even great for families, so feel free to bring the kids! For more information please visit the Trailapalooza website at Here you will find more details about the general schedule for the weekend, the prizes, the costs, and the lodging accomodations.