Filming for Kayak Fishing Movie Continues with Halibut by the Hundreds

Production for new kayak fishing adventure film continues as renowned big game kayak angler, Jim Sammons, and local pro, Howard McKim, catch hundreds of fish amongst breaching orca’s and humpback whales.

July 8th, 2008

Filming continued this week for The Heliconia Press's action-packed kayak fishing adventure film, ExOfficio Presents Kayak Fishing GAME ON! Scheduled for release in Spring 2009, the film follows renowned big-game kayak angler Jim Sammons around North America on the kayak fishing adventure of a lifetime. Jim hooks up with local kayak fishing pros as he seeks out tarpon in Florida, halibut and king salmon in Alaska, tuna and marlin in Baja, stripers in Chesapeake Bay, and muskie in Canada.

This week, production followed Jim to Ketchikan, Alaska, where he hooked up with kayak fishing pro Howard McKim. Howard already had a big reputation in Alaska before his most astounding feat made him a legend—an eight-hour battle in his kayak that landed him a state-record 183-lb. halibut last year.

Over the course of six days of filming, the kayak fishing was literally “off the hook”, with Jim and Howard catching over 400 halibut, lingcod, and rockfish in the bountiful waters off the Alaskan coast. Constant struggles with large, powerful fish left their arms so cramped they routinely cut short their days. Desperate for a rest, they even tried replacing the bait on their hooks with bottle caps, but to their surprise, the unusual lures didn't slow things down, and the fish continued to bite, towing them around the rolling waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Jim's kayak fishing adventures resume in a month, as he travels to Canada's Ottawa River on the hunt for northern pike. There, he'll challenge huge and powerful whitewater rapids as he makes his way to remote, fish-filled lakes.

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