FDA clears G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill for medical applications

Alter-G’s New Unweighting Technology Offers Radical Rehab Improvements to the Health and Medical World
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February 19, 2008, Menlo Park, CA – Alter-G, Inc., developers of the G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill, today announced that the FDA has cleared the company for marketing the G-Trainer as a medical device. The G-Trainer is applicable for medical uses in rehabilitation after lower extremity injury or surgery, aerobic conditioning, weight control, gait training for neurological conditions, and strengthening and conditioning for older patients. In addition, during 2007 the G-Trainer has already seen overwhelming adoption as a training and conditioning tool that also reduces the risk of impact-related injuries while exercising.

“I believe the G-Trainer will become the standard in rehabilitation and training,” said Dr. Amol Saxena, podiatric surgeon at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Dr. Saxena is an internationally known podiatric surgeon who has conducted research on chronic ankle pain, Achilles and peroneal tendons, stress fractures, midfoot injuries, and arthritis of the first metatarsal phalangeal joint and has authored dozens of articles, abstracts and chapters.

The G-Trainer enables individuals who have been weakened or impaired by illness, disuse, or injury to improve mobility and health, recover from injury and surgery more effectively, and overcome medical challenges that limit movement. Originally developed at NASA, the patented gravity differential technology further developed by Alter-G makes use of an advanced air pressure regulation system to create a lifting force. This achieves unweighting without altering natural body movement and easily and comfortably lets users walk or run while reducing the amount of impact on their body.

“We are rapidly changing the way effective rehabilitation is done for a broad spectrum of medical conditions,” said Lars Barfod, CEO of Alter-G. “We've created a disruptive technology that allows clinicians to prescribe unweighting exercise to more of their patients faced with lower extremity pain, soft tissue healing constraints or mobility limitations. We believe the G-Trainer can revolutionize rehabilitative exercise in recovering from stroke, weight reduction in the obese, rehab after lower extremity fracture or joint replacement, and arthritis treatment, to name only a few.”

Many of the medical facilities using the G-Trainer claim faster recovery times and lower overall costs for patients. Physical therapy clinics and other medical facilities offering the G-Trainer include the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Riekes Institute of Human Performance, Optimal Results Physical Therapy, Endurance Rehabilitation, Palo Alto VA Hospital, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and AthletiCo, among others.

To learn more about the G-Trainer, visit us on the web at www.alter-g.com .

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