FabricLink Features “Young Designers’ Showcasing Their Talents”


FabricLink Features “Young Designers’ Showcasing Their Talents”

Tarzana, CA, August 29th, 2013, FabricLink.com features three ambitious designers this month. The young designers, based in Phoenix, Arizona, are taking the initiative to market their businesses by banding together in a unique way. Kathlyn Swantko, president of the FabricLink Network, was impressed by their inventiveness, “I was intrigued by their story, and wanted to feature how this group of designing women: Alyssa Bird, Lindsay Michelle, and Rebecca Turley, collaborated to face the challenge of starting their own businesses.”

Having graduated from a premier design school in California in different design sectors, all three women have worked in various positions in their respective markets in preparation for becoming entrepreneurs. As friends, they would meet frequently to exchange business experiences and ideas. The discussions among the three women - Turley, the apparel designer; Bird, the jewelry designer; and Michelle, the interior designer – would typically revolve around the common interests and challenges they share. It was during one of these regular meetings that Turley had the idea for a professional photo shoot that would highlight their respective talents.


Photograph by Emily Snitzer

"Since we all have unique niches in our individual fields, and we’re all fairly new at getting our individual businesses established,” Turley explained. “Why not promote our unique gifts by collaborating on a project that would not only be fun, but could also be used to promote this group of women?"

 With that idea in place, the plans for a photo shoot to market each of the three designers’ businesses, was begun. FabricLink.com covers this photo shoot, and profiles each of the designers and their various creative talents in the world of fashion and fabrics.

Alyssa Bird, owner of Regenerous Designs, LLC, is a creative designer of unique accessories, who makes jewelry and accessories from recycled fabrics. While working in the Los Angeles fashion industry, she noticed how much fabric was going unused and being thrown away during the clothing production process. Alyssa’s Regenerous Designs business focuses on designing unique jewelry, while helping the environment.

Lindsay Michelle, the set designer for the photo shoot, is an interior designer and owner of CLC Interior Design Studio LLC, a professional interior design concierge firm, which specializes in interior design, home staging, colorizing, murals faux finishes, PhotoShop proposals, AutoCAD planning, custom stencils and soft fabrication. Lindsay’s goal is to “transform her clients’ personal environments into places they can truly be proud to call their own.”

Rebecca Turley is an Arizona native, and the owner/designer of Nostalgic Boutique. She began her design career in San Francisco, after receiving her degree in fashion design. Intent on learning the 'business' side of the fashion industry, she worked for various manufacturers, where she enjoyed a successful career in both sales and design. In 2008, she moved back to Arizona, and founded her Nostalgic Boutique business.

Since creativity, imagination and determination are necessary assets for being successful designers, there is no question that these three women have demonstrated these traits through this unique photo shoot. To read the full article and see more photographs of the photo shoot, please visit FabricLink.com.


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