Exped USA hires Eric Downing as Marketing/IT Manager

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Exped USA has hired Eric Downing as Marketing/IT Manager. He will work from Exped's Tukwila, Washington office, just south of Seattle. 

In recent years, Eric has worked for The Fulcrum Foundation as Assistant Director of Marketing and for Archbishop Murphy High School in the role of Director of Advancement and Technology. This rare combination of IT experience and his proven track record in marketing and consumer engagement is especially valuable to Exped as the brand expands its presence in the USA. 

"Eric comes to us with more than 20 years' experience in marketing strategy and design" says Kaj Bune, Director of Brand Development for Exped in the USA. "I had the pleasure of working with him at another brand where he was the man who turned marketing brainstorming into concrete reality. Many of the projects we have been involved in together have been must-win situations that involved turning brand philosophy into results oriented, sales generating reality. Eric's easy-going personality is a key to his success. He brings a calming influence and a strategy oriented approach to the crazy and fuzzy world of marketing. If there's a sure-thing in the world of marketing, Mr. Downing is it in my book. I'm keen to work closely with Eric again."

"Eric has collaborated with us on many of the Exped USA marketing projects over the years as a consultant via his agency, Eric Downing Designs. He has a history with the Exped brand, understands the product line and knows the team in Switzerland well."

As Exped USA's marketing/IT manager Eric will oversee the development and sharpening of all the communication tools Exped employs. He will work closely with sales director, Ted Steudel and the marketing team in Zurich, Switzerland to strengthen the brand in the USA and beyond. 

Eric Downing can be reached at eric@exped.com. 

About Exped:

Exped was founded in 1983 as a distributor of outdoor brands in Europe. Since 1997, the Exped team has designed and built the highest quality specialized gear for the active outdoor enthusiast. This equipment is designed for adventurous users across a wide range of outdoor activities, from mountaineering and backpacking to backcountry skiing, paddling, car camping and trekking . Exped means expedition equipment, and through ingenious simplicity and innovation Exped delivers the maximum outdoor experience with minimal means. Exped is based in Zurich, Switzerland and Seattle, USA. [www .exped.com]