Exotac Announces New Partnership with Drosselmeyer Design Group

Beginning this spring, Exotac will become the exclusive US distributor for DDG’s FreeKey® and its ingenious press-to-open key ring system.
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May 16, 2012 (Buford, GA) – Exotac, designers of extraordinary, high-quality outdoor gear, is proud to announce the company has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Stockholm-based Drosselmeyer Design Group (DDG). Beginning this spring, Exotac will become the exclusive US distributor for DDG's FreeKey® and its ingenious press-to-open key ring system.

Designed in Sweden and manufactured in the USA from high-grade stainless steel, FreeKey rings eliminate the always challenging operation of a traditional key ring by opening with the simple press of the ring. Featuring a brilliant and simple design FreeKey rings achieve enhanced ease of operation by introducing a strategically placed bump in one of the ring loops - essentially creating a pivot that allows the end of the ring to lift when the ring is pressed.

Freekey is available as a single ring or as a system of one main ring with three small group rings for organizing keys. The group rings are smart rings that organize your keys in easy to identify groups that can be conveniently removed and returned to the master ring with the press of a button.

"We are excited to be working with Exotac and to have them introduce and market our FreeKey products to the US market. This agreement should result in a fair source of revenue for both parties," said Oscar Löwenhielm, of DDG.

Exotac plans to begin shipping Free Key units as early as June 11, 2012 with retail prices ranging from $4.00-$6.99. To learn more about FreeKey please visit www.freekeyusa.com.

In other news, to accommodate this increase in inventory and shipping, Exotac has recently moved to a new location and tripled the size of warehouse and office space. The move allows the company greater flexibility and control over inventory quantities while still maintaining the highest level of customer service possible.

About Drosselmeyer Design Group
DDG is a Stockholm-based design firm with a mission to improve everyday products. Our design process is simple. Starting with an original concept, we create literally hundreds of proto-types and evaluate the results. Needless to say most of our ideas never come to market, the ones that do have all been through our rigorous design and testing procedures. All DDG products come with the promise that they will work, they will simplify and they will last.

About Exotac
EXOTAC is an independently owned business based in Buford, Georgia. Exotac was started in 2010 by Purdue Engineering graduate, Rob Falkenhayn, who's passion for all things man and earth made has resulted in an impressively functional and aesthetic product collection. Melding a penchant for sleek, sexy design with a dedication to creating the highest-quality products, the core of Exotac is in its engineering and product design.

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