Exclusive Hybrid Strength Technology on New Home Gym Maximizes Variety

Torque Fitness, LLC, a new strength equipment company, has introduced the innovative TQ9 home gym, which incorporates unique Hybrid Strength Technology (H.S.T.) to deliver extraordinary versatility and performance.

Andover, Minn. – Nov. 16, 2006 – Torque Fitness, LLC, a new strength equipment company with 155 collective years of experience in the fitness industry, has introduced the innovative TQ9 home gym, which incorporates unique Hybrid Strength Technology (H.S.T.) to deliver extraordinary versatility and performance.
H.S.T. combines the best of both worlds with traditional, machine-defined exercises and cable/pulley technology that facilitates virtually unlimited, user-defined movements. Exercisers benefit from what equates to a full line of single station health club machines all in a space-efficient design that complements any home décor.
“With the TQ9 and H.S.T., we have propelled strength training at home to a new level,” said Pete Borchert, president of Torque Fitness. “Every motion, every pivot and every angle has been precisely designed to give exercisers incredible variety, exact biomechanics and an exceptional feel and performance for better results in less time.”
Beyond the Basics
The cornerstone of virtually every home gym, the fixed press arm features smooth movement and quick adjustments and enables users to perform traditional, popular exercises such as chest press, incline press and shoulder press.
Free-moving cables and swiveling pulleys permit individuals to designate virtually any exercise and path of motion for more functional, true-to-life training that enhances overall fitness by building balance, coordination, stability and proper posture.
The beauty of the TQ9 is its versatility, as it offers a variety of supported exercises using a bench, accommodates semi-supported exercises incorporating a stability ball (not included) and facilitates totally self-supported movements where individuals are standing.
Raising the Bar
The two-station, corner design of the TQ9 offers variety and a compact footprint, and sheet metal shrouding encloses the 200-pound weight stack and the majority of moving parts for security. To maximize comfort and efficiency, the fixed press arm features ergonomically designed T-grip handles and a fingertip remote handle for easy adjustment from the seated position.
Exercisers can use high, mid and low-level pulleys to vary exercises and workouts for even more progress. With Torque's exclusive Fast-Attach quick connection system, cable handle changes are quick and easy.
The adjustable, flat to incline bench facilitates seated or lying down exercises, and for additional options, it wheels out of docking station, which then can be used for standing movements such as squats or to accommodate a stability ball for greater balance and stabilization challenge.
The ergonomically designed, patent-pending dual pivot leg extension and seated leg curl delivers health club-quality lower-body movements with minimal sheer force on the knee joint and tapered roller pads ensuring proper positioning.
Working out on the TQ9 is a snap with innovations like the Torque Fork weight selection device that uses magnetic adherence for security and with color-coded pins and levers that make adjustments simple. For quiet operation, sound-dampening guide bushings are integrated in the weight stack to prevent metal-on-metal contact.
Thoughtful extras that expand exercise selection include a short strap D-handle, multi-purpose long strap D-handle, two universal adapters with snap hooks, a lat bar, an abdominal strap and an ankle strap.
The TQ9 will be available in select specialty fitness retailers in November 2006, carries a manufacturer's list price of $3,995 and has a limited lifetime warranty on the frames, welds and parts and 10 years on the cables and upholstery.

Torque Fitness Background
Founded in 2005 by a passionate team of leaders with more than 155 years of fitness industry experience, Torque Fitness is dedicated to developing innovative, effective strength training products that deliver remarkably efficient workouts that produce results. Torque's intelligent design and unmatched breakthroughs revolutionize strength training, and the company's focused, personalized, owners' approach fosters exceptional customer service.
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