eVent® fabrics Announces Support of KEEN's Hybrid.Pedal Cycling Tour

Officials from eVent® fabrics, creators of the exceptionally breathable, waterproof laminate technology, are pleased to announce support for KEEN Inc.’s Hybrid.Pedal initiative with Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jackets for team riders.

Officials from eVent® fabrics, creators of the exceptionally breathable, waterproof laminate technology, are pleased to announce support for KEEN Inc.'s Hybrid.Pedal initiative.

eVent fabrics will supply Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jackets for 30 KEEN team riders as they bike from July 25 to Aug. 7 on a route going from Bend, Ore. to Boise, Idaho, then to Ketchum, Idaho before heading south to Salt Lake City and the Outdoor Retailer trade show.

This unique challenge combines a 1,000-mile cycling tour with an accompanying documentary film to raise awareness for the Conservation Alliance, a non-profit group of outdoor businesses dedicated to protecting wild places for their habitat and recreation value.

The 14-day Hybrid.Pedal will find the riders traveling through many of the places the Conservation Alliance has helped protect. The ensuing documentary will be shown at the August 2007 Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City with the option of debuting the film at independent festivals across the country.

At several points during Hybrid.Pedal, participants will meet conservation leaders who – with Conservation Alliance support have either succeeded in protecting or are fighting to protect a special place. The stories of these conservation efforts will be included in the film. Further, funds raised by Hybrid.Pedal will be directed to those organizations.

eVent fabrics unparalleled breathability and waterproof technology, along with the quality of Showers Pass jackets, will keep the riders comfortable and dry should they encounter inclement weather.

About KEEN:
Founded in 2003 and known for its patented toe protection technology, KEEN Inc. is more than an Outdoor company. A leader in hybrid performance products, KEEN encourages everyone to Stand Up, Out and For living a HybridLifeâ„¢. Stand Up: Act on your inspirations; Stand Out: Embrace the outdoors in its entirety; Stand For: Engage with causes that make a difference. In keeping with this philosophy, the company created the KEEN Foundation in 2004 to partner with environmental, conservation and social organizations on a global level through community, understanding and education.

About Hybrid.Pedal:
Living a HybridLife is about creating, playing and caring. It is at the heart of what KEEN is all about. Out of this belief, Hybrid.Pedal was born, a 1,000-mile cycling fundraiser designed to generate awareness and visibility for the Conservation Alliance and its grantees. Beginning in Portland, Ore. and ending in Salt Lake City, Utah, the route will follow the endangered wild lands that the Conservation Alliance is working to protect. But it doesn't end there. All 1,000-miles will be filmed and then released at select outdoor film festivals to continue to build the momentum.
Hybrid.Pedal.â„¢ It's a hybrid approach for a HybridLife.â„¢

About eVent® fabrics:
Over the past seven years in the outdoor industry, eVent® fabrics has built a strong reputation as an exceptionally breathable, highly-functional waterproof laminate technology with a very loyal following. Unlike many other laminates on the market, eVent fabrics allow sweat to vent directly to the outside of the garment in one easy step through a process called Direct Venting™ technology. This unique process allows moisture to vent away from the body without condensing on the inside of the fabric, helping to keep the user dry no matter what the activity or conditions. Simply put, eVent fabrics let the sweat out.™