eVent® fabrics Announces Sponsorship of Shared Summits K2 Expedition

eVent® fabrics announces sponsorship of the Shared Summits expedition team who currently are en route to summit an unclimbed rib of K2.
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Officials from eVent® fabrics, creators of the exceptionally breathable, waterproof laminate technology, are pleased to announce sponsorship of the Shared Summits expedition team who currently are en route to summit an unclimbed rib of K2, one of the world's most savage mountains.

eVent fabrics worked with Feathered Friends and Westcomb to provide the climbers with all of the sleeping bags, jackets and pants necessary to withstand the brutal conditions of K2.

The Shared Summits expedition began on May 21 with a six-man team of veteran climbers combining the technical prowess of several successful Mount Everest ascents as well as years of climbing experience in the Andes, Nanga Parbat and the European Alps.

It is the passion for achieving seemingly impossible feats that separates Shared Summits from other expedition teams. While ascending K2 by any route is a daunting task, experts point to the few remaining “last” challenges of K2, namely the East Face.

The staggering challenges of K2 have recently compounded in a way that few expedition teams have yet to endure--the onset of global climate change. The Shared Summits team has recently experienced these effects when due to ever-melting surfaces, the imposing danger of exposed avalanches, falling seracs, crevasses, and rock slides have dramatically altered their intended East Face route.

Instead, Shared Summits has repositioned their advanced base camp and are now set to scale an unclimbed rib to the east of the famed Abruzzi route. With unforeseen challenges in terrain, team members' illness, a double crevasse rescue and the stark reality that the East face is at present, still impassable, Shared Summits will undoubtedly utilize this sharp learning-curve to their benefit and succeed in their epic ascent of K2.

eVent fabrics is the perfect equipment complement to an expedition of this magnitude. Because of eVent fabrics' ability to “let the sweat out” and provide protection from the elements even at K2's elevation of 28,253 feet, Shared Summits' team members will be able to focus on accomplishing their goal and not fret over equipment reliability.

For additional information on Westcomb and Feathered Friends, check out their Websites at www.westcomb.com and www.featheredfriends.com. For additional information on eVent fabrics, please visit www.eventfabrics.com.

About Shared Summits:
Shared Summits goal is to encourage kids to slay dragons, cure diseases, fight poverty, or reach for the stars. K2, though a cold and brutal place, graciously serves as a fitting metaphor for making any dream come true. Follow Shared Summits progress on www.sharedsummits.com for updated photos, videos, and blog reports.

About eVent® fabrics:
Entering their seventh year in the outdoor industry, eVent® fabrics has built a strong reputation as an exceptionally breathable, highly-functional waterproof laminate technology with a very loyal following. Unlike many other laminates on the market, eVent fabrics allow sweat to vent directly to the outside of the garment in one easy step through a process called Direct Venting™ technology. This unique process allows moisture to vent away from the body without condensing on the inside of the fabric, helping to keep the user dry no matter what the activity or conditions. Simply put, eVent fabrics let the sweat out.™