European Outdoor Group launches State of the Industry survey

With the aim of providing the industry with Europe-wide figures the European Outdoor Group (EOG) is launching its largest research project to-date - a state of the industry study with the cost-of-doing-business stats. Partake in the study for results.
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Zug, Switzerland  – With the aim of providing the industry with Europe-wide figures the European Outdoor Group (EOG) is launching its largest research project to-date.

"Earlier this year the EOG surveyed its membership to find out what they felt was the key objective for us to work on over the next 3 years. This survey indicated that providing a solution to the lack of market data was ranked as the number one priority by the membership, commented Mark Held, Secretary General, EOG. A decision was then taken by the EOG Board to provide a solution that would be simple, cost-effective, and confidential."

The principle is very simple. Companies and brands are being asked to provide sales data by calendar year, across seven product categories and nineteen markets. By providing this data the company will qualify to receive the full market data information free of charge. The commitment is to provide figures for 2008, 2009 and 2010, the report covering the first three years will be published in June 2011, then for 2011, 2012 and 2013, figures will be published in May of the following year.

The information received from each participant will be sent to a third party Notary Public who’s task will be to ensure that there is no visibility of which brand has supplied the data. It will then be sent to the research partner whose task it is to analyse the data and compile the report. Neither the EOG nor its research partner will have any visibility of the brand that has supplied the data. The data will be collected annually based on invoiced sales by brands to distributors / subsidiaries or direct to a retailer in that country.

The project is open to all brands, not just EOG members, and the resulting market data will be provided free of charge to those brands that supply data for the previous three years and a minimum of three future years, ensuring consistency of data.

A few points to note:

oThe market data will be provided free - only to those who participate.

oIf a brand doesn’t join at the outset it cannot join later!

oThis data will not be available for sale. Either a brand participates or it will not get the data.

oThe information will be 100% confidential. It will be collated by a Notary Public and they will provide to the EOG and Profile Consultancy only the raw numbers with no brand identity attached. No-one other than the notary will ever know the individual brand figures.

Information about the State of Trade Survey, including brochure and information in German and French, is available on the EOG website (

About the EOG

The European Outdoor Group is an association set up to represent the common interests of the European outdoor industry. Founded in 2003 the European Outdoor Group has 56 members, which include some of the largest brands in the world. The combined strength of the member brands, and a close cooperation with national outdoor associations, provides an extremely powerful force to represent the whole European outdoor industry in a constructive and positive manner.

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