ElliptiGO Sets New Sales Record in March


Digital Marketing Drives 35% Y/Y Sales Growth

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (April 12, 2016) – ElliptiGO Inc., creators of the world’s first outdoor elliptical bicycle, announced today record revenues in March, up 35% year over year. The company attributes the sales momentum to demand for its newest product, the ElliptiGO Arc, and a strong digital marketing push. The company expects the strong sales momentum to continue throughout the year.

 New ElliptiGO Arc Is Driving Record Sales

New ElliptiGO Arc Is Driving Record Sales

“We’re thrilled with the immediate results we have seen from our recent digital marketing push,” said Bryan Pate, ElliptiGO CEO. “The Arc is our leading seller and a great addition to our existing lineup of bikes, where we’ve continued to see strong demand. We believe we’ve only scratched the surface with regards to raising awareness for the category of elliptical cycling, so we are excited about growing awareness and the number of bikes on the road in 2016.”

The Arc is a significant step forward in the elliptical bike industry. It features a completely new design built on a sleek aluminum frame and a more compact elliptical stride than the other ElliptiGO models. Its lighter weight, eight gears and lower retail cost make the Arc the perfect entry point to the comfort and fun of elliptical cycling.

Through March, the Arc was available only in the United States. International availability began in April. ElliptiGO bikes are distributed through specialty running, cycling and fitness retailers. For an in-depth comparison of the lineup of ElliptiGO elliptical bikes, see http://www.elliptigo.com/shop/compare-models/.

To learn more about ElliptiGO, visit http://www.elliptigo.com/, or follow them on Twitter @elliptigo and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/elliptigo.

About ElliptiGO

ElliptiGO is the San Diego-based company that created the world’s first elliptical bicycle to deliver a fun, comfortable and effective workout experience that inspires people, improves their lives and revolutionizes fitness. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer, ElliptiGO bikes provide a strong cardiovascular workout that eliminates impact on joints and allows people to get out of the gym and enjoy the outdoors. Elliptical cycling is an effective way to build fitness without aggravating injuries, and it is great for everyone from the health-conscious to the elite athlete. The full line of ElliptiGO bikes is distributed through specialty running, cycling and fitness retailers nationwide, on Amazon.com and through http://www.elliptigo.com/