Ecowood expands bamboo hanger line

ECOWOOD Retail Displays announced today that they have added four new models of bamboo clothing hangers.

ECOWOOD Retail Displays announced today that they have added four new models of bamboo clothing hangers. Two new adult models were introduced, as well as two new children's. This brings the number of models up to 16 models in this line.

The new models include: 17” Adult Traditional Flat with notches, rubber strips and bar; 17.5” Adult “Swoopie” with notches, rubber strips and locking bar; 12” Child “Swoopie” with notches and rubber strips; 12” Child “Swoopie” with notches, rubber strips and drop clips. Wholesale pricing ranges from $155.00 to $195.00 per box of 100 on these new models.

ECOWOOD has been developing a line of retail display systems from post consumer recycled lumber for 13 years. Don George, President of Plexus Pacific Industries said, “For years our customers asked us to find an eco friendly clothing hanger for their retail stores. We were unsuccessful in finding a company to produce them from reclaimed wood, so we began exploring the use of bamboo.” In April 2007 B*Green Bamboo Hangers were born.

Through extensive research ECOWOOD found a second generation, family owned factory who could produce B*Green Bamboo Hangers for them. The bamboo hangers are manufactured to ECOWOOD's specifications, using the greenest available production materials and procedures by educated adult workers who receive fair wages and benefits. The hangers are made entirely of sustainable-harvested bamboo. The hardware is black powder coated steel, which eliminates the polluting use of chrome. Black powder coating is an eco friendly method using no solvents and recycles any waste back into the process. Each hanger is finely sanded and a light sealer is applied, which eliminates the need for the use of lacquer or any other high VOC finishing material.

Capitalizing on the popularity of their original line of nine hangers, ECOWOOD now offers sixteen hangers. Originally the hangers were only offered in wholesale quantities for their retail customers, but due to the increasing demand from consumers for a healthy home environment, smaller quantities are now being offered allowing customers to order hangers for home use.

Sustainable, Renewable, Responsible...ECOWOOD is a company developed to provide display options for their customers while reducing the use of new lumber has now discovered a way to eliminate the use of lumber when creating clothing hangers. For more information about the B*Green Hangers line of sixteen different hangers for retail stores visit or for home purchases visit

Don & Colette George formed Plexus Pacific Industries in 1982. PPI's beginnings started in the service sector and continue to bring their excellent service experience to the manufacturing arm of ECOWOOD Displays.