Boulder, Colo (November 2, 2018) EcoVessel, creator of premium hydration bottles and drinkware, announces the #LeaveLessOR Pledge, inviting all Outdoor Retailer Winter Market attendees to take a proactive step to minimize and ultimately remove single-use plastic water bottles from the outdoor industry’s premier retail show.

The #LeaveLessOR pledge anchors the industry’s environmental responsibility in reducing single-use plastic bottles at a grassroots level. Attendees can take the pledge by vowing to bring or purchase a reusable bottle and share the message through social media and #LeaveLessOR.

“Environmental advocacy reflects the outdoor industry’s core values in almost every facet, but when it comes to our trade show, we somehow miss the mark,” said Jon Fox, CEO and founder of EcoVessel. “It’s jarring to see so many plastic water bottles available and used at these events, with little access to water refill stations, when in our daily lives we’re more conscientious about using sustainable products and reducing waste. EcoVessel is hoping to create a new Outdoor Retailer landscape where plastic bottles are eliminated.”


EcoVessel will host a water fill station at their booth #44028-UL and sell Boulder and Aspen reusable bottles to help support hydration needs on the floor. Along with their open invitation to all attendees, EcoVessel will donate proceeds from their booth to Plastic Oceans—a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce single-use plastics and mitigate plastic waste.

On the horizon for the brand and debuting at the show will be reusable straws and revamped collections to continue this mission.

About EcoVessel
EcoVessel is inspired by a thirst for adventure and respect for the planet. The company creates premium quality hydration bottles and drinkware that maintain the temperature of drinks for hours while reducing dependence on single-use plastic. Every product is designed and prototyped in their Boulder, Colorado office and the company prides itself on its unique blend of fashion and performance that appeal to people of all ages and lifestyles. EcoVessel is motivated to partner with like-minded organizations that try to do good and give back—one refill at a time. Learn more at