ecorepel® – the ecological answer to fluorocarbon DWRs

ecorepel® – the environment-friendly water and dirt repelling finish was recommended in the recently published Greenpeace study as an alternative to finishes containing fluorocarbons. It is biodegradable, very abrasion and wash resistant.

Isn't it fascinating how ducks can dive under water and re-emerge with their feathers still dry? Ducks and all water fowl produce an oily secretion that makes their plumage repel water. This is exactly the type of impregnation that serves as a model for the water-repelling textile finish ecorepel® from Schoeller Textil. ecorepel® replicates this natural protection with the help of a highly functional, odorless high-tech finish.

Natural water and dirt repellent
ecorepel® is based on long paraffin chains that wrap themselves spiral-like around individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water droplets and even mud simply run off. The breathability of the fabric is not affected and the feel remains pleasantly soft.

ecorepel® offers a modern and clean form of water repellence. As the ecological finish does not contain fluorocarbons and is free of PFC, it is biodegradable (in accordance with OECD 302 B 80–100 %). This is why ecorepel® was recommended in the recently published Outdoor Report by Greenpeace as a positive alternative to textile technologies containing fluorocarbons. In this study, Greenpeace calls on textile manufacturers to replace harmful production chemicals with harmless technologies.

In addition being environmentally friendly, ecorepel® also makes a convincing impact with its outstanding performance. Tests confirm outstanding rub and abrasion resistance compared to finishes containing fluorocarbons as well as very good wash resistance over at least 30 washes. Of course ecorepel® can also be professionally cleaned without difficulty using ecological wet cleaning. The trend towards sustainability is not restricted to ecological textile finishes, but also promotes cleaning methods which are gentle on the environment. To ensure that your fabrics are correctly cared for, the equally ecological after-care product “Eco Proof” from TOKO is recommended. Of course, ecorepel® passes the Oeko-Tex®- Standard 100 test and conforms to the bluesign® standard, the world-wide strictest production standard for textiles. Additionally, in the case of ecorepel®, doing the right thing is a no brainer as ecorepel® does not cost more than a conventional finish!

For more detailed information about the ecorepel® technology according to wash permanency, abrasion resistance and soil repellency please contact Ms. Judith Glück, Pull Marketing Europe,
Schoeller Technologies, (