Eastern Mountain Sports Introduces Industry-First Sleeping Bag Line

New sleeping bag line features PrimaLoft(R) Infinity Insulation, an industry first for spring '09 providing more loft, less weight and exceptional value
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Eastern Mountain Sports, one of the nation's largest outdoor retailers, today announced it will introduce the industry's first sleeping bag line this spring featuring PrimaLoft Infinity (www.primaloft.com); a fine denier continuous filament synthetic insulation, that provides more loft without any additional weight, making for a warmer, more compressible sleeping bag than other bags with comparable continuous filament synthetic insulations. The Boreal Series will include the Boreal 20 in regular, long and women's and the Boreal 40 in one size, appealing to recreational campers, three-season backpackers and paddlers. All bags will be available beginning March 1, 2009, in all Eastern Mountain Sports retail locations and online (www.ems.com) for $119 (Boreal 40), $139 (Boreal 20 regular/women's), and $149 (Boreal 20 Long).

“This strategic alliance with PrimaLoft enables us to offer our customers the newest advancement in sleeping bag technology,” said Paul Leonard, assistant product manager for Eastern Mountain Sports. “We are proud to offer this next-generation product at an excellent value, giving consumers the gear they need at an affordable price to continue getting outdoors with ease and comfort.”

Boreal bags featuring PrimaLoft Infinity are 18 percent warmer and 25 percent more compressible than comparable bags made with other continuous filament insulations. The Boreal 20 regular bag will come in a stuff sack 15 inches by seven inches in diameter. The state-of-the-art insulation provides improved loft without increasing weight and extends its coverage to eliminate potential cold spots more effectively than previous synthetic filament insulations – even after repeated stuffing and washing.
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“PrimaLoft has had great success in the outdoor apparel, glove and footwear categories. While PrimaLoft Sport has been used by a number of leading brands for sleeping bags, the introduction of PrimaLoft Infinity perfectly complements our insulation line by expanding the technical options to better serve the needs of outdoor enthusiasts,” said Tom Mendl, PrimaLoft's marketing director. “We are proud to be working alongside an authentic outdoor retailer such as Eastern Mountain Sports to bring consumers the next generation of sleeping bags that will help them stay comfortable and travel lighter when heading outdoors this spring.”

The Boreal 20, offered in regular (six-foot), long (six-foot by six inches) and women's (five-foot by six inches), is a lightweight, extremely compressible three-season backpacking sleeping bag. The Boreal 40, available in a one size six-foot by six inches length is also lightweight and compressible, designed more for traveling, social camping and summer camping excursions. The bag features a semi-rectangular cut with no hood, and is best suited for warm summer nights. For fall 2009, Eastern Mountain Sports will round out the Boreal sleeping bag family with Boreal 0, designed for use in cold and wet conditions. The Boreal 0 will be compressible enough for backpacking and mountaineering trips affording consumers more room to pack a pillow or extra layers.

About Eastern Mountain Sports
Founded in 1967 by two New England rock climbers and based in Peterborough, N.H., Eastern Mountain Sports is one of the nation's leading outfitters of outdoor gear, clothing, footwear and accessories with 66 retail stores in 12 states. Eastern Mountain Sports designs and sells products for outdoor adventurers who participate in a variety of sports, such as mountaineering, backpacking, camping, hiking, adventure racing, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and snow sports. Eastern Mountain Sports product and technology is tested by its product development and quality assurance teams in conjunction with the Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing, Kayaking and Ski Schools. More information is available at www.ems.com.

About PrimaLoft
PrimaLoft® - Insulation Technology™, is manufactured by and a registered trademark of Albany International Corp. and is featured worldwide in leading brands of outerwear, sleeping bags, gloves, footwear, socks, and luxury bedding. PrimaLoft's manufacturing facilities are located in the US, Europe and China. For additional information, contact the Sales and Marketing Group at 800-833-3836 x2238 or visit www.primaloft.com.