Eagle Creek Partners With Photographer Ben Christensen For Digital Campaign


Building deeper connections between brand and consumer.

Eagle Creek has entered a strategic partnership with photographer Ben Christensen to promote the new EC Lync™ Limited Edition. Targeting the next generation of explorers, the comprehensive, multi-channeled digital campaign is designed to highlight the lifestyle of the brand, while also playing to the versatility, style and durability of Eagle Creek’s first Limited Edition bag.

“Travel is a very image-driven category,” said Jessica Dodson, Brand Marketing Manager at Eagle Creek. “People connect with images of places they’ve been or want to go to. We’re working with Ben because not only does he love the brand, but because his travel lifestyle photography inspires us. He connects with the adventurous spirit that lives within each of us, and lives at the intersection of urban and outdoor, which is exactly where EC Lync Limited Edition also resides.”

The story-driven campaign includes multiple photo journals, homepage and website visuals, social media giveaways, gift with purchase, and email campaign.

Social Media Giveaway Rules:

From April 1 until May 1, 2016, post a travel pic and tag @eaglecreek. Use hashtags #CarryAdventure and #Contest for a chance to win an EC Lync™ Carry On Limited Edition suitcase. Winners selected by 5/7/16. 


EC Lync Limited Edition Product Video: youtube.com/watch?v=lwwNKi_6wmQ

Eagle Creek site: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/ec-lync-carryon-limited-edition-2016/d/1532_cl_1717

Eagle Creek Facebook: facebook.com/EagleCreekGear

Eagle Creek Twitter: @eaglecreekgear

Eagle Creek Instagram: @eaglecreekgear

Ben Christensen Instagram: @_benchristensen


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