DYNAFIT Issues Voluntary Recall for All Khion Ski Boot Models in North America

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Boulder, Colo. (July 15, 2016)- DYNAFIT, a mountain sports brand committed to providing mountain endurance athletes with the safest, most innovative and highest quality products, announced today a voluntary recall of the Men’s, Women’s and Carbon Khion ski boots in North America.

Although no injuries have been reported, DYNAFIT has received a small number of reports of potential safety issues with its Khion ski boot models and has issued the precautionary, voluntary recall of that boot for the safety of its customers who live in North America and own a pair of the boots.

DYNAFIT is asking owners of any Khion boot model to cease use of the boots and contact DYNAFIT immediately to arrange for replacement product or receive a full refund. For those opting to receive replacement product, they will be placed first in line for DYNAFIT’s new Men’s and Women’s Beast ski boot (expected to ship in October 2016) or the Carbon Beast ski boot (expected to ship November 2016). The Beast boot models incorporate a number of improvements and DYNAFIT is confident that they will provide a safe, high performance customer experience.

The recall applies to all models in the Khion ski boot line, including Khion Men’s, Khion Women’s and Khion Carbon.

If customers are unsure if their product is affected, or even if their Khions appear to be fine, please cease use immediately and contact DYNAFIT for assistance in determining whether your product is included in this recall and needs to be returned for a replacement or refund.

For More Information:

For full details and information outlining the reason for the recall and step-by-step instructions for receiving a replacement pair of boots or full refund, visit http://www.dynafit.com/us/blog/news/recall-khion/. For further questions, please email khion@dynafit.us or call, toll-free, (844)412-7013.