Dynafit and Scott Unveil First GORE-TEX® Ski Mountaineering Boots Outdoor Retailer Winter Market


Dynafit and Scott Unveil First GORE-TEX® Ski Mountaineering Boots Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 

At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2015, W.L. Gore & Associates is presenting the first GORE-TEX® thermo-moldable ski mountaineering boots from Dynafit and Scott. The three different models will keep feet dry and comfortably warm due to the waterproof and breathable construction. These boots are engineered systems and specifically target mountain guides and ambitious winter sports enthusiasts undertaking longer ski touring trips. 

Ski mountaineers who spend all day out in the mountains know the problem: there often comes the point at which feet feel cold and clammy because they are soaked with sweat that has become trapped inside the inner boot. Skiers often end up with damp or even wet feet when uphill climbs (higher heat and sweat production) alternating with more relaxing descents (lower heat and sweat production). They may be professional mountain guides or committed winter athletes undertaking longer distance or multi-day ski touring trips. In recent years, damp feet have become even more of a problem due to the fact that more and more inner boots are being made with thermo-moldable, non-breathable foams. These liners allow for custom molding and therefore offer a firmer, more precise fit. However, they are neither breathable nor waterproof, meaning climate comfort is sacrificed for performance. 

The Solution: an engineered system – selected GORE-TEX® footwear laminates combined with thermo-moldable foams with perforations or breathable patterns 

The sweat produced by feet during an uphill climb can evaporate in the form of moisture vapor through the GORE-TEX® lining and thus leave the inner boot and cannot return due to the GORE-TEX® membrane. Because of the hard plastic outer shell most of the sweat remains inside the shell – however, thanks to the waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane, feet remain protected. This means that feet will remain dryer and there is less risk of blisters. 

“The challenge was to engineer a system to allow an inner boot to be durably waterproof and simultaneously breathable enough for sweat to escape through evaporation while still leveraging moldable foams. This is exactly what we have achieved with Dynafit and Scott. Different GORE-TEX® footwear lining laminates were specifically chosen to ideally match the requirements of the inner boots: elastic GORE-TEX® footwear laminates for the tongue area, also used in running shoes, combined with insulated GORE-TEX® laminate constructions, typically used in technical mountaineering boots.”

Dynafit achieves the high breathability of the inner boot through multiple perforations in the thermo-moldable foam, whereas Scott uses high breathable patterns in defined areas. 

Fundamental research using ergospirometry

When Gore first started on the development of its GORE-TEX® ski mountaineering boot system, it spent a number of winters conducting in-depth research. Special data loggers were developed to measure heat and perspiration build-up on testers’ feet during ski touring. For the duration of these tours, the performance of the testers was monitored using portable ergospirometric devices. Dr. Hans-Herbert Vater, director of the Institute of Sports and Sports Sciences (IfSS) at the University of Kassel, Germany headed the research group. The analysis of the research helped the development team learn how a GORE-TEX® boot liner should be constructed to make it breathable and waterproof in order to keep feet dry and comfortable. 

Top model for ambitious ski mountaineers and professionals

Both Dynafit and Scott have positioned their GORE-TEX® ski mountaineering boots at the top of their ranges: Dynafit with “Winter Guide GTX,” Scott with “Superguide Carbon” and “Orbit II Carbon.” These models will be on disiplay at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2015. 

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