Diamondback Announces DF5 Pro Factory Team For 2011-12


Seattle, Wash (March 8, 2011) – Diamondback Bikes is thrilled to introduce a roster of top-level riders that will represent the brand throughout the 2011-12 seasons. Included on the team are rockstar acts such as New Zealand's own Kelly McGarry, industry legend Eric Porter, pro Gravity Rider Kyle Thomas and Diamondback's favorite jack-of-all-trades, Billy Lewis.
Each rider has been signed to a two-year contract and will participate in a broad range of events throughout the year. The team will aid in the development and refinement of many of the Knuckle Box Suspension Platform bikes, adding the unmatched insight of professional riders that utilize the bikes to their true potential.
The team was individually selected not only for their riding abilities, but also for their character and competence as great ambassadors for the brand. “Having world class riders like Eric and Kelly on our bikes gives us a tremendous R&D opportunity through feedback on how to improve the design of our full suspension models,” said Diamondback's VP of Product, Marketing and Design, Chris Speyer.
“I'm stoked to be onboard with Diamondback this year. They have a wide range of bikes to shred and the guys over at the office are always super cool and positive. I'm also pumped to ride with my good mates Eric and Billy!” says Kelly McGarry.
All of Diamondback's riders are multi-talented in many facets of the sport. McGarry will spend the biennium focusing on slopestyle and downhill riding, while Porter spans the spectrum and will serve as a great model for our all-mountain bikes. Lewis will man the street, park and DJ scene while Thomas will be a key player in the pro DH circuit.
While Diamondback doesn't have a production DH bike in the current line, prototypes of upcoming rigs are currently in the field for testing and development, according to marketing manager Jon Kennedy. “We've been working closely with our engineers, brand managers and team riders to gather feedback and data to tweak and refine our new bikes until we feel they are ready to compete with the most advanced bikes on the market.”
About Diamondback: Born in Camarillo, CA in 1978, Diamondback Bicycles have been making high quality bikes for over 30 years. From its roots in the BMX world to new innovations in hybrid, road and full suspension technologies, Diamondback continues a legacy of building the finest bikes for today's most aggressive riders. It takes generations to build a legacy of quality.
To learn more about Diamondback Bikes and the Knuckle Box Suspension Platform, please visit: www.knucklebox.com


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