Deviant 9 Studios – Top Secret Designs for Top Secret Clients


July 2014 - At Deviant 9 Studios, deep in the forests of Paradise, CA, a small enclave east of Chico, things are happening. With over 70 years of combined experience designing bags, packs and panniers for the outdoortravelbikesnowsportsactionlifestyletechnology industry, they have been sought out by some new clients desiring their expertise in design.

“It’s really exciting stuff,” says Deviant Carrie Fritsch. “There are some things I’d love to share with you, for some folks that are really exciting to partner with. But I signed an NDA and so I can’t. Sorry. It’s totally rad stuff though. Totally.”

Past – and current – clients include CamelBak, Marmot, JanSport, STM Bags, ChicoBag, Fitmark, Klean Kanteen, EMS, Upper Park Design, Timbuk2 and Gossamer Gear. This wide palette of brands shows the Deviants’ range and ability. Greg Fritsch, Head Deviant, founded Overland Equipment a bunch of years ago and has been designing ever since. When pressed on whether or not any of the top-secret clients were ones he’d partnered with before, he replied, “That’s top secret.” Then, when asked if there were some awesome new clients, he replied, “That’s top secret.”

 Deviant 9 Studios: it starts with the idea...

Deviant 9 Studios: it starts with the idea...

“Look,” he offered, “we deliver peak performance in our thoughtful product design. With a focus on taking anything, notably bags and packs, from concept to manufacturing. Outdoor, technical, travel, luggage, laptop and digital, fitness, lifestyle – Team Deviant 9 knows that great products grow from creative minds, practical solutions and a sprinkle of deviance. Yes. I just said sprinkle.” 

The other Deviant, Michelle Cannoy, went on to point out that Deviant 9 will eagerly help other brands build cool, new top-secret stuff. “If you want to update, expand or even create a category, we can help you do it right. From kickoff meeting through production, we help guide the process so you get the goods you want – stuff that is as technically advanced and style forward as your brand dictates. And we won’t tell anyone we’re doing it for you.”

Some of Deviant 9’s top-secret projects will be unveiled at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014. Booth numbers? Times and dates? Sorry. Top secret. But, if you’re looking to take your packs and bags to the next level, you can meet them in Salt Lake City and arrange a top-secret project of your own. Contact Deviant 9 here.

About Deviant 9 Studios: Based in Paradise, CA, Deviant 9 Studios specializes in thoughtful product design and production solutions for the outdoor, travel and lifestyle industries. The Deviants have over 70 years combined experience in the outdoor and fashion industries. From patterning to manufacturing, development to materials, Deviant 9 thrives on the challenge of designing innovative and practical products and providing powerful sourcing and production services that take grandiose ideas to market-ready realities. Contact Deviant 9 here. Visit them on Facebook or the web at