Cutting Edge Online Marketplace Launches to Showcase New Outdoor Brands

Led by a diverse team including: ex-eBay leadership, a proven serial entrepreneur, and founder of Mad Jack Snowsports
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Lake Tahoe, Calif. (June 17, 2020) — Today, Mad Jack Outdoor launches a first-of-its-kind online marketplace (, bringing innovative outdoor gear to nature loving enthusiasts. Utilizing a three-pronged approach, this marketplace model enables new brands — that are fresh off of Kickstarter or new to the market — to reach customers outside of the traditional, slow-to-adopt channels. Simultaneously, the marketplace works with independent specialty retailers to showcase their overstocked or out of season brands at a discounted rate, and veteran brands providing shoppers access to their entire product catalogs.

Founders Kristin Mehiel and husband and wife team Ricardo and Michele Collison are not new to eCommerce, marketplaces or startups. The team, which operates as MRKand Co, has two other successful marketplaces in other verticals, and Mehiel, Co-Founder of Mad Jack Snowsports, found it only natural to introduce to MRK and Co’s portfolio. Mad Jack Snowsports, a snowsports manufacturing company, rocked the skiing world in 2017 with their flagship product: the MadJacks, a device that allows you to ski in the comfort of a snowboard boot..

Ricardo, who was the head of global advertising operations at eBay from 2010 to 2012, understands the intricacies associated with eCommerce and marketplaces, “Trust me, it is not easy launching marketplaces, nor is it easy to make them lucrative, but with the right team in place and innovative partnering brands, you can hit home runs, which is what we intend to do with,” he said.

The site has already attracted brands that you won’t necessarily find at REI such as Bliss Hammocks, ABOM Goggles, Hero Water Wear, ASAP Watercraft, Popboards, and Belmont Blankets.

“I know what it is like to be a new brand in the outdoor space; it is not easy to break into some of the more traditional channels,” Mehiel said. “I am beyond stoked to showcase new, innovative brands in the outdoor space through It is a win-win situation, as brands can scale quickly and our customers get first dibs on the best kept secrets in outdoor gear.”

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About Mad Jack Outdoor

At Mad Jack Outdoor we bring the most innovative gear on the market, next to world class brands, alongside a collaborative retail outlet. Curated in one unique online marketplace. We source gear from new companies and entrepreneurs who are pushing the innovation envelope in the outdoor industry. In tandem we work with proven brands, the outdoor industry veterans if you will, to hand select the best of the best of gear. The final piece of the puzzle is we partner with independent outdoor retailers nationwide to bring their end of season, overstock and last year's models to our discount online outlet. The end result is an outdoor marketplace with the best gear selection to keep you outdoorsy!


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