Cool off, Bugs off, Stay on Hats: All at CHAOS CTR Summer Weather Protection Collection 2017

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Cool off, Bugs off, Stay on Hats: All at CHAOS CTR Summer Weather Protection Collection 2017

OR Booth #BR 547

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Steamboat Springs, Colo. June 22nd 2016. Chaos Headwear, makers of high quality headwear in North America and Worldwide, protect heads from sun, wind, and rain.

Chaos is once again expanding their line of technical protection with lighter construction, jade minerals for cooling action, bug repellant technology (to prevent disease), SUP stay on headwear, chill ball caps, and a full line of children’s protective hats. 

Chaos will showcase its expanded collections at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market,

August 3-6, 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT #BR 547.

Join us to celebrate ‘THE SPIRIT OF STYLE’ for Summer 2016. CTR Chaos Collection continues to define unique style, performance, and function with a newly adapted brand identity. 

CTR Chase-Chase Midnight Run Cap

Chase - Midnight Cap

This cap is fast and light. The visor is an EVA perforated rim, we refer to as a, “deconstructed bill” due to its dye cut for an ultra light rim, to reduce the weight at the front and offer a more balanced cap. The logo is unique, a 3D raised and reflective heat transfer. The collection is super light, the CHASE items ranging between 33g and 67g. The midnight run cap is 33g. We have added prints this season (see #1208). We also used colored reflective binding and 3D heat transfers (see 1211 and 1212). Ultralight run cap: FREERIDETM UPF 50+ with wicking fabric, moisture wicking sweatband, perforated side panels and brim, anti glare under brim with 360-degree reflectivity.

Summit Collection with No Fly Zone


Burlington® fabric with PermethrinTM, is a new insecticide fabric, effective against mosquitos, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies, and midges - it is organic based technology to help prevent the spread of insect born diseases by repelling insects thru apparel, uniforms, and gear. This PermethrinTM treated fabric requires no further processing; its insect repellant is similar to a naturally occurring chemical called pyrethrin, which is formed in daisy family flower head. Registered with the EPA and FDA, the Burlington® Lab's No Fly Zone (NFZ) insect repellant technology works as a contact repellant. NFZ affect the insects’ nervous system causing “hot foot”, making the insect fly away before it might bite. It is applied to four of the top selling hats in the Outdoor Summit Collection. 

Chase Active Collection: Neck-Gaiter, Headbands, and Arm Sleeves

Chase Gaiter banner

The Active collection is designed to help cool your skin and add to your performance in hot temperatures. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, with both UPF 50+ and wicking performance from a nylon spandex blend infused with ThermoCool TM technology. The neck gaiter is a versatile and multi-functional garment for headwear or neck protections and offers full sun protection when accompanied by any hat. The headband wicks sweat and provides cool relief and the arm bands project and cool your most vulnerable body part from sun exposure.

The CTR ThermoCool TM Performance Series is engineered for staying cool, dry, and comfortable. ThermoCool TM fabric has been infused with recycled and crushed jade fragments spun with performance fibers to create fabric with a natural cooling effect. The ultra-wicking construction combined with ThermoCool TM infused yarn decreases your skin surface temperature up to 10˚F - keeping you comfortable, dry, and cool.

Summit Surf SUP

CHAOS_SufrsUP Hat-1397-104

SUP is UP, and Surf… This is a water sport hybrid hat offering UPF 50+ with the wicking combination of HelishadeTM fabric and moisture wicking sweatband, on stick hook and loop back strap, side venting eyelets, and neoprene chin strap to prevent chafing. This an entirely new collection for CTR 2017. We developed these two styles in the collection to accompany the continuing surge in SUP activity. This collection is a bit for our SoCal region, but we know the mountain lakes and rivers areas nationwide will also benefit.

CTR Outdoor - Chill Zone

Chaos_ TruckerHat1393-075

Modern ‘TRUCKERS’ are everywhere. Chaos launched truckers in summer of 2015. As a whole this was an active outdoor group the Brand had not targeted directly, which is hard to believe at Chaos! – “This category is for active ‘millennials’ that like camping and hiking, but don’t want to wear geeking looking sombreros, but would wear a cotton rip stop boonie.” To make it into the CTR standards, we use our ThermocoolTM sweatband and rip stop fabric, giving this collection the expected, “performance properties.” We have six styles in the Chill Outdoors in Cotton ripstop with ThermocoolTM sweatbands, low key profiles, contemporary colors, and laid back- a great combination for the generation of now. 

Summit Junior Collection

Kids Collection banner

Eight great SKUS and a multitude of proactive fabric, color and prints for youth. New smaller sizes up to Tweens. Lightweight Summit Boonie (left) with HELISHADETM UPF 50+ and wicking fabric. Vented side panels and moisture wicking sweatband. The Summit Junior Torrent (center) has a waterproof breathable shell, sealed seams, moisture wicking sweatband, removable chin cord, floatable brim, and one-handed size adjustment system. Summit Junior Sun Shower Sombrero (right) in lightweight sombrero, HELISHADETM UPF 50+ and wicking fabric, moisture wicking sweatband, removable chin cord, floatable brim, anti glare under brim, and one-handed size adjustment system. 


Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with global offices in the USA, Europe and Asia – the Chaos & CTR headwear brands, conceived more than 20 years ago, have evolved into a world leader in the accessory collection of fashion & ‘cold-weather’ technical headwear. Chaos & CTR are sold throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For sixty years, Do-Gree Fashions Ltd, the parent company of Chaos & CTR Headwear, has ensured that their customers’ needs have been expertly serviced by the most comprehensive program of fashion and performance winter & summer headwear to be found globally.

Contact: Beth Cochran 406.579.7909

Twitter: Chaos Hats/ Facebook: Chaos Headwear – Mania



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