Congress Awards $2M to InSport for Marine Corps Tees

Congress' Fiscal Year 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Act includes $2 million in funding for U.S. Marines cold weather base layer t-shirts designed and manufactured by InSport International, Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon.

BEAVERTON, Oregon (January 18, 2006) – Congress' Fiscal Year 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Act has passed and includes $2 million in funding for U.S. Marines base layer t-shirts designed and manufactured by InSport International, Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon.

InSport partnered with Malden Mills Industries of Lawrence, Massachusetts in the development of innovative yarns and fabrics that form the InSport Polartec® Power Dry with X-Static® T-Shirt. The Congressional earmark will fund procurement of approximately 200,000 of these anti-microbial, moisture removing base layer garments for U.S. marines in cold weather combat.

“Providing our troops with the best equipment must be a top priority for Congress, which is why the delegation worked together to secure this important funding,” U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said.

“Marines serve in very rugged and demanding conditions,” said U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR). “Using Oregon-based technology to prevent problems that occur on the battlefield helps keep them focused on their mission and not hindered with health problems.”

“I am proud to have worked with InSport in obtaining this important Congressional earmark,” stated Congressman David Wu (OR-01). “This funding will not only assist our men and women in uniform through InSport's innovative technology, but it will also help drive our regional, national and global economy forward.”

"Kudos to Insport for developing this high performance apparel that will be an invaluable asset for our men and women in uniform," said Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (OR-05). "I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity of this small Oregon company that's successful at both designing and producing 95% of its apparel right here at home."

Weighing about twenty pounds per soldier, modern body armor has been the cause of significant health issues, including heat stress, chafing, rashes and infections. Historically, base layer garments worn under body armor have been cotton t-shirts that exacerbate the soldier's health and comfort issues. Recognizing this need, InSport and Malden Mills developed a silver coated fiber knit incorporating X-Static® silver fiber technology, which resists the build up of bacteria that cause rashes and infections, and has the wick-away capabilities needed to control moisture that can cause chafing and discomfort. The U.S. Marine Corps aims to satisfy this need through its Mountain Cold Weather Clothing and Equipment Program (MCWCEP).

According to Daniel Fitzgerald, Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment, “We work closely with commercial industry to effectively translate advanced commercial technologies for use by Marines.”

“InSport is honored to be able to contribute to the modernization of the warfighter, and we are grateful for all of the support this small Beaverton company has received from the Oregon delegation,” said InSport Executive Vice-President Eric Merk. “We are confident that our highly technical base layer t-shirt will afford U.S. Marines the comfort that is needed to perform their duties in demanding war conditions.”

InSport specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance technical apparel, and has provided gear to various branches of the U.S. military, including the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

Established in 1978, InSport International is a leading producer of athletic performance apparel for athletes of every caliber in distinct categories: Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Training, Team and Military. InSport has been a leader in innovation and advancement in the sports apparel industry and is distributed nationally and internationally. InSport is proud to have the majority of its product line manufactured in the United States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vital Apparel Group. For more information and to review the entire apparel line please call 800.652.5200 or visit