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October 5, 2011 Nashville, TN,, the most comprehensive fitness and wellness resource website, launched its commercial fitness equipment comparison feature. This feature instantly makes the best resource for fitness equipment.

October 5, 2011 Nashville, TN,, the most comprehensive fitness and wellness resource website, launched its commercial fitness equipment comparison feature. This feature instantly makes the best resource for commercial fitness equipment.

Just imagine the time and effort it takes to compare commercial fitness equipment. Most likely, the first step is to search the internet. After 11 million results are rendered, most people will only look at the first or maybe the second page? That brings the search to 20 results and several pay per click ads; so there are still many decisions to make. After opening and closing several sites, the decision is more difficult than ever. Which products are IPod compatible? What type of cushioning systems do treadmills have? Which manufacture has the best warranty? answers all these questions while saving the gym owner time and money. The commercial fitness equipment comparison feature will allow an individual's to compare different manufacture's products side by side. For example, a purchasing agent could compare a Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, and Paramount treadmill side by side (4 products is the maximum). Examine the type of console, the size of the running surface, the warranty, and in most cases the price; and there's much more. Not only can individuals compare commercial fitness equipment by categories like treadmills, ellipticals, plate loaded, etc, but they can enter key words like leg press, chest press, triceps or any other key word and will narrow down the search to provide the complete information. does not stop there; they also provided videos and or links to manufactures videos so anyone can see the product in motion and get the full aspect of the commercial fitness products.

Brad Bishop, President of, added, “We are very pleased with how the commercial fitness equipment comparison feature is taking shape. We have already had several manufacture and dealers use the feature; and can't believe how extensive the informational is. Launching this feature has been a ton of work and we still have quite a few products to add. We will be adding new products daily to the database and look forward to completing the home fitness equipment comparison in the next month,”
Not only is a great resource for gym owners, fitness directors and anyone else looking for commercial fitness equipment, but Commercial Fitness Dealers and Manufactures are also very impressed with new feature. Bob Burgess, President of Heartline Fitness, said “ is an outstanding resource. It will help salespeople become more knowledgeable amount our competition and help generate some good quality leads.” John Schaffer, Regional Manager of Paramount Fitness, said, “This site is very cool; it will be extremely helpful when writing bids and our prospects will be able to compare the products first so price will not be the only factor.“ is a fitness and wellness information website. does not sell any fitness equipment. soOlis only educates the end users on fitness equipment, helps them find local gyms and ymcas, and finally allows them to browse Web MD articles and videos. – the Fitness and Wellness Authority.

For more information on the commercial fitness equipment comparison or if there is a product that you cannot find on soOlis, please contact Tim Sebold @ or call 877-789-8773.


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