Coghlan’s scores perfect 10 with New Products at the OR Summer show

Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 6, 2006 — Coghlan’s Ltd., the leading camping accessory manufacturer has 10 new products to help campers get more out of their outdoor adventures.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 6, 2006 — Coghlan's Ltd., the leading camping accessory manufacturer has 10 new products to help campers get more out of their outdoor adventures.
Justin Vandenberg, Marketing Manager for Coghlan's says, “Coghlan's has you covered from packing up to packing out making your time outdoors more enjoyable and safe.” Coghlan's has new accessories like Bag Tags which easily identify your gear while traveling, to the ultimate in cargo straps – the Stretch Strap, the wide and flat strap is made from a tight-knit polypropylene for superior wear resistance and feature slip resistant extra large hooks designed to keep your cargo secure. Once you go flat, you'll never go back!
The perfect 10 rounds out with Colored Duct Tape, which is a compact assortment of 24” Duct Tape strips in Black, Red, Yellow and Green. Perfect for your pack or keep handy in the RV for quick fixes. Disposable Body Warmers that are big 4” x 5” patches providing lasting warmth for up to 12 hours. The Cast Iron Camp Cooker a campfire favorite able to provide years of use making tasty treats like toasted sandwiches or grilling your favorite meat. A large 2 Liter Bota Bag, we couldn't resist making a larger wine skin for your favorite camp bevy. Colored Bear Bells with silencer, these ringers attach to your pack or clothing with a Velcro® strap, and have a magnetic strap to keep things quiet when not in use. We have also expanded the Kits in a bottle line to include an Emergency Kit in a Bottle. We've bottled up emergency essentials like a flashlight with batteries, first aid bandages, whistle, emergency blanket and a signal mirror. Perfect for the home, RV or boat. Designed for the retailer in mind, the Bowl O'Biners are 6mm or 8mm biners individually loaded into a convenient shelf-bowl, perfect for the cashier line providing easy access to clips for consumers to keep their loose gear in tow. And last but not least, the Camp Fork Rest, a revolutionary rest that will make roasting wieners or holding heavy camp cookers over an open fire safer than ever for children by holding it a safe distance from the fire and providing stability to the utensil.
"We are truly excited about the launch of these new products, these new items are a great compliment to our successful outdoor accessory program.” notes Justin Vandenberg.

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