Coghlan’s new 2008 products pumps outdoor accessory count over 450.

Winnipeg, MB – Coghlan’s, the world leader in outdoor accessories unveils 12 new products for 2008. On display during the ORSM, these 12 products raised the companies offering to over 450 camping related accessories.

Winnipeg, MB – Coghlan's Ltd., the world leader in outdoor accessories unveils 12 new products for 2008. On display during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, these 12 products raised the companies offering to over 450 camping related accessories.
“We are including a new category of accessories,” said Justin Vandenberg, Marketing Manager for Coghlan's. “ A new line of Air Pumps, boosts our ability to service our retailers by maximizing their buying power with Coghlan's across a huge variety of accessories.”

Coghlan's will also be introducing a new Pealess Safety Whistle, a Refillable Gas Flex Lighter, four new LED Lighting accessories, including a Dynamo powered LED Flashlight and a super compact LED Micro Lantern.

The Pealess Safety whistle is molded in a bright and highly visible Orange body, featuring a Pealess design that works even when wet – it won't freeze or clog. The whistle includes a lanyard with a breakaway snap closure.

Rounding out the Gas Lighter category is a new Refillable Flex Lighter. The Lighter features a visible fuel chamber and a 5.5” flexible stem for getting into spaces a traditional fixed lighter cannot go.

The LED Lighting category has been updated with four new products. A 0.5 watt LED Headlight featuring a DC-DC regulated circuit running a new generation NichiaTM LED bulb, and an ultra compact Clip-On Headlight featuring a flip-down red lens to preserve night vision. A new Dynamo powered LED Flashlight will never need batteries or bulbs. Winding it up for one minute provides 10 minutes of light from its 0.5 watt LED spotlighting anything up to 100' away. It is compact enough to fit in your pocket, and the rugged ABS plastic body is water resistant. The Flashlight also features a Low and High light output, plus a Flashing mode for emergencies. The new LED Micro Lantern is a very compact tent or trail light standing a mere 2” tall but packing enough light to illuminate everything within 6 feet, lending itself to being used inside the tent to find your gear, or while walking along a dark trail.

The new category of Air Pumps includes six different designs. Two manual Bellows style pumps, a Double Action Hand Pump, and three Electric operated pumps, consisting of an 110V Electric, 12V DC Electric and a 4.8V Rechargeable Cordless Pump with a household charger and a car charger for the ultimate in portability.

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Coghlan's Ltd. is recognized as the world leader in outdoor camping accessories. Founded in 1959 and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada; Coghlan's is a family owned company and has built its reputation on core values of product quality and innovation. Coghlan's products are designed to enhance the outdoor experience making it more comfortable and enjoyable. Tried and tested for over four decades in all outdoor activities from camping to backpacking and trekking, snow sports, water sports and fishing. Coghlan's for Kid's offers a fun and educational outdoor accessory for children. Coghlan's C-Tech accessories combine rugged design with a digital read-out of weather information, or directions while out on the trail. For more information about Coghlan's find them on the web at




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