Climb-On Maps Launches Kickstarter to Print Waterproof, Tear-Proof Climber’s Trail Maps

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Climb-On Maps Launches Kickstarter to Print Waterproof, Tear-Proof Climber’s Trail Maps

Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, and Smith Rock

Ogden, Utah - June 16, 2017


Ever been lost trying to find a climb at Red Rocks, Smith Rock, or Joshua Tree? Not anymore!

Until July 14, 2017 Climb-On Maps is having a Kickstarter campaign ( to help fund the first print run of waterproof tear-proof trail maps that show approaches and walk-offs to climbs in popular (and often confusing) rock climbing areas. The first three areas to be published are Red Rock Canyon, NV, Joshua Tree, CA, and Smith Rock, OR (more to come).

These unique and detailed maps show:

• The difficulty level of trails to climbing walls and common climb walk-offs (easy, moderate; strenuous, and soul-crushing);

• Locations of exposure and the potential severity of injury should a fall occur (bone-breaking, major damage, RIP);

• Labeled (from-the-ground) orientation photos to assist with navigation at points of confusion;

• Comprehensive route statistics for each wall showing the total number of climbs, distribution of sport/traditional/top rope, and distribution of route grade (5.9 and under; 5.10-5.11; 5.12 and above).

These maps not only help climbers get to their destination faster they can be used to help plan a climbing day.

• For example, if you want to do some cragging, you can determine at a glance if a location has several nearby walls with the type of climbs you want. Or,

• To plan a multi-pitch climb, you can look at the exact distance and approach difficulty. If the climb has a walk-off, you can see if the walk-off is strenuous with no exposure or soul-crushing with lots of RIP (Rest in Peace) exposure – which might compel you to choose another climb.

These maps complement area guidebooks and Mountain Project. For example, if Mountain Project uses one name for a wall and local guidebooks use another, both names are listed. In addition, route data for a wall has been compiled from all currently available sources. If Mountain Project lists 4 climbs at a wall and the guidebooks have an additional 5 climbs, Climb-On Maps shows there are 9 different climbs on that wall. It is the most comprehensive route statistics available.


Climb-On Maps was started by husband-wife team Stefani Dawn and Rick Momsen. Over 1 year ago they left their jobs and began full-time mapping of multiple climbing areas. To date, Rick and Stef have walked upwards of 1000 miles, some of which was quite dangerous, to collect the data for these maps.

Rick is the “mapping expert.” With nearly 20 years in the mapping industry as a Geographic Information Specialist (GIS), he is responsible for translating the GPS and terrain data into a visually intuitive and usable map.

Stefani is the “Jack-of-all-trades” for the company, managing the business side, the website, social media, as well as labeling photos, and creating route statistics summaries for the map.

Rick and Stef have each been climbing for around 10 years. The impetus for Climb-On Maps was the ongoing frustration of wasted time looking for climbs while on limited vacation time, and then being side-swiped by a walk-off that was more strenuous and terrifying than the 800’ climb they just completed. Because climbing is their passion (and they really dig being together), they took their life savings and made the leap to start Climb-On Maps.

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