Chums Safety Launches New Website to Better Serve Reps, Distributors

Chums has launched a redesigned website to showcase the company's safety products.
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Hurricane, UT. (April 20, 2010) – Chums, the world's top eyewear retainer and accessories manufacturer, on Tuesday launched a redesigned website to showcase the company's safety products and to give reps a deeper resource to help pursue new sales opportunities. The site will also give Chums Safety distributors more capabilities to market their products.

At the fore of the eyewear retention revolution, Chums' began in the outdoors market in 1983 and began selling safety-specific retainers in the early ‘90s, becoming an official member of the National Safety Council in 1994. Chums “at-once” inventory allows distributors to order product and fill inventory quickly and easily. Chums' maintains production in its Hurricane, UT facility where 15,000 accessories are produced daily. Chums Safety has also added social media communication channels to keep customers abreast of safety industry news.

Chums has helped the electrical, construction, and manufacturing industries become compliant with new end-user safety standards. Fire retardant (FR) accessories are one of the biggest segments of the safety products market, and as the lone U.S. provider of NFPA 70 E certified fire retardant (FR) retainers, Chums is the authority on safety accessories for commercial applications.

The Chums Kevlar Original retainer is the perfect eyewear accessory for a harsh work environment. Kevlar is a light, strong and heat resistant fabric that is extremely versatile and meets all NFPA 70 E requirements. Able to resist heat up to a temperature of 450°C, the Kevlar Original Chums retainer will not ignite or smolder when exposed to sparks or welding spatter and should be part of everyone's uniform for Hazard Risk 2 or lower Arc Flash Kits. The retainer fits most standard safety glass temples, and is also available in a PBI (Polybezimidazole)/Kevlar blend. A video highlighting the Kevlar's performance under fire was conducted by with an arc-flash test. Please see the video here.

The Orbiter retainer is a lightweight, stainless steel cable that stays elevated and off of your neck while on the job. It has low profile, flat temples that eliminate pressure points and the universal temple design fits both small and large frames and is perfect under hardhats.

Chums Breakaway series of lanyards and retainers are perfect for work situations where choking or snagging is a concern. All breakaway products pull apart at six pounds of pressure and reattach easily for continued use.

Please visit Chums new safety site here: for more information on these products and the rest of the Chums safety line.

About Chums Safety

Founded in 1983 in Hurricane, Utah, Chums is the world's top eyewear retainer and accessories manufacturer. A member of National Safety Council since 1994, Chums Safety division has helped laborers hang on and comply with safety regulations for over twenty years. Offering fire retardant, breakaway, and low profile retainers and accessories like lanyards and ID badge holders, Chums continues to provide the only made in the USA industry standard safety tools with customization options and at-once inventory. Visit for more information.


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