Chaos Unveils Domestic Organic Wool

Chaos is the headwear leader. The 2008 CHAOS GREEN Collection meets and exceeds the demand for sustainable, low environmental impact products.

Chaos Headwear - teams up with local suppliers as they expand their GREEN Collection- with even more innovations in the works.

Steamboat Springs, Co (Dec. 7th 2008)—Chaos is the headwear leader. The 2008 CHAOS GREEN Collection meets and exceeds the demand for sustainable, low environmental impact products.

Chaos has expanded its line of Organic Biobased products to include 100% Post Consumer Recycled materials such as the recycled fleece liners which we are using on our new collection. The recycled fleece utilizes no less than 50% of post consumer recycled fibers, reducing burdens on landfills and natural resources.

In addition, to our successful organic cotton range, the CHAOS GREEN collection will include Organic Wool as of Fall 08. In order for animals and the fiber they produce to be certified organic, farmers and ranchers must commit to not using any chemical inputs such as fertilizers on their fields and feed crops, chemical based insecticides, and medicines which have become all to commonly relied upon in agriculture today.

•Livestock must be fed 100% organically grown feed (grains) and forage (pastures)
•Use of synthetic hormones, vaccinations, and genetic engineering is prohibited
•Use of synthetic pesticides (internal, external, and on pastures) is prohibited
•Producers must encourage livestock health through good cultural and management practices.
•Additionally, in order to ensure that the production of livestock is sustainable, growers in certified organic systems are required to abide by established stocking ratios so as not diminish the ability of the land to naturally regenerate and sustain itself.

The Dyes: Our commitment to responsible manufacturing must extend to color as well. Chaos Green line uses only ‘low impact dyes' that have less toxic run-off into drains, oceans and ground water. Our non-chemical dyes are made exclusively from vegetable and root powders.

Please join us at both the Outdoor Retailer Show Booth # 26031and the SIA snow sports show in Vegas Booth, F18, any one of the Chaos gang will gladly run you through the line.
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Chaos' competitive edge is quality, responsiveness and a vast array of headgear possibilities. As a vertical manufacturer, Chaos is—operated by Do-Gree Fashions in Montreal, Canada— able to respond quickly to both customer requests as well as fast-paced market trends, both of which translate to unparalleled service. Designs from both CHAOS and sister brand MOON SHADOW vary from winter to four-season, urban to alpine, casual to high-end silk-cashmere, all of which supply the men's, women's and youth markets. Materials include: merino wool, mohair, acrylic blends, cottons, angora, fleece, and technical fabrics from the New CTR-Chaos Thermal Regulation, Fits ALL 4X®, Polartech®, Windbloc®, Thermolite® and Outlast®.


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