CHAOS Headwear Trends Smart for 2015/16 in Performance, LUX and World Fashion Headwear



CHAOS Headwear Unveils Trends Smart for 2015/16 in Performance,

LUX and World Fashion Headwear

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Steamboat Springs, Colo. December 9th, 2014. Chaos Headwear, makers of high quality headwear in the US and worldwide, is again on the forefront of outdoor trends with its latest headwear and knit scarves, featuring strong colors, varietal yarns, and a range of global styles. Chaos will share its latest looks at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, January 21-24, 2015 in Salt Lake City, and the Winter Snow Sports Show (SIA) on in Denver, Colorado January 29th-February 1st .

TRENDS for World Beat 2015-16

Trend 1: Eclectic  This youthful trend focuses on the individual and combines a host of world flavors, including: bright and tribal colors, layering, vibrant patchwork and collaged patterns, and a total global feel, with creative touches like stripes and handcrafted features. Typical of this eclectic trend are the familiar Fair Isle style, the traditional Scottish knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors, and what can best be referred to as Bohemian. 


Trend 2: Mixed Media This trend reflects the contemporary mod/hipster persona with crafty applications, different colored yarns combined to create a single look, textured knitting for ribs, swirls and more. Chaos has added its unique take on this new trend with large wraps, infinity knits and over sized scarves, available in 50/50 Merino wool/soft Acrylic reversible styles. For pullovers and zips the cuff is back and accentuated.

Trend 3: Alchemy Just as the alchemists of old believed they could create gold from base metals, this movement looks at the vast riches that come from blending textured knits and robust colors. The result is blended hats and scarves with marbled cables and infinity scarves in LUX and Worldbeat styles. This concentration in design includes deep saturated reds, tans, blues, browns and gold’s, not unlike fabled Persian carpets and tribal tapestries.

Trend 4: Marvel Marvel is a trend of romance and fun, with bling and holiday flavor. This upper tier look includes a range of 3D embellishments – crystals, glitter, sequins - that offer the look and feel of luxury. The trend is both tranquil and sophisticated for men and women.

Outdoor Adventure Collection In a trip down memory lane, trending are retro bright colors with happy neon stripes, confetti speckles with a splash of color and 3D textures. For men in active sport this includes bold color blocking, strong varied stripes, rich and bright colors, with updated pallets in yellow, teals, blacks and oranges.


The LUX Collection

Chaos takes great pride in presenting its globally inspired luxury collection, aptly named LUX. Understanding the inherent properties of the finest materials in the world today, our designers have blended the sumptuous yarns of cashmere, angora, alpaca, and Merino wools with ‘soft-hand’ fibers to realize their unique vision. The result of these efforts is sinuously flowing, refined garments, which are as comfortable to wear as they are beautiful to behold. LUX is a new and exciting division for Chaos. The designers have travelled the world seeking the fibers, yarns and high-end blends to deliver an entirely unique stand alone category.


These high quality yarns, in merino, mohair, paillette (a silver shimmer yarn), cashmere, and fine lambs’ wool mix and match styling. These especially fine yarns are offered in various blends and in refined classic clean lines that are fresh with an understated elegance. This collection includes sets with trappers, gloves, scarves, over-size scarf wraps with built in feminine hoods, berets, delicate Peruvian styles, light beanies, and clean toques.

STEALTH CTR- Chaos Thermal Regulation 2015-16


Stealth ‘Cross’ MTB Is from the New Stealth Collection. This CTR collection of Performance accessories was built to meet the needs of today’s active exercise enthusiasts.  Multi-functional hinged balaclava, 100% reversible full black with hi-visual yellow and black on the outer side, Shaped to provide extra protection without the bulk, complete retro reflectivity, flat lock seems and 3D panel construction, with61% polyester/335 Rayon-Viloft/6% Elastane.


Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with global offices in the USA, Europe and Asia, the Chaos & CTR headwear brands were originally conceived more than 15 years ago and have evolved into the foremost accessory collection of fashion & ‘cold-weather’ technical headwear and are sold throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For sixty years, Do-Gree Fashions Ltd, the parent company of Chaos & CTR Headwear, has ensured that all their customers’ needs have been serviced by the most comprehensive program of fashion and performance winter & summer headwear to be found globally.

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